Consid in Karlstad is expanding

Consid in Karlstad is expanding and will be moving to new, larger premises next year. However, before that, there is an ongoing renovation to restore the current store to its historical grandeur. New Wermlands-Tidningen interviewed Carl Drejhammar, the office manager at Consid, to discuss the new office.

– The building is listed, which means one cannot do just anything with it. One might think that obtaining a building permit to restore a building to its original state would be easier, but that is not the case, says Carl Drejhammar to NWT.

It is now clear what will happen to the old playing card store on Kungsgatan in Karlstad. The IT company Consid is expanding and constructing an additional space for its employees. Carl Drejhammar informs NWT that Consid has grown rapidly in recent years and has simply outgrown its current premises.

– We need a larger space as we have gone from zero employees to 80 employees in three and a half years, says Carl Drejhammar.

Consid has become known nationwide for its welcoming offices, often located in historical buildings that have been restored to their historical splendor. Carl Drejhammar reveals to NWT that this is also the plan in Karlstad, where they will renovate and restore the listed premises before moving in.

Occupancy is expected to take place in the summer.

Karlstad office, lamp over dining area


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