Consid has been named Sweden’s Best Employer

Consid has been named Sweden’s Best Employer for the second year in a row. The award is based on a survey conducted among the company’s employees and reveals how they assess their current employer based on several factors.

– This award means a lot to us because it is about our employees’ experience of the company. We constantly work to improve the work environment and ensure the best interests of each employee in all situations. This is proof that we succeeded, says Peter Hellgren, one of the founders and CEO of Consid.

Sweden’s Best Employer, organized by employer branding company Universum, is an annual survey that measures employers’ internal Employer Brand. The survey is conducted among the company’s employees and reveals how they assess their current employer based on three factors:

  • Internal identity: how well employees perceive their employer delivers in terms of their reputation and image, job characteristics, people and culture, compensation, and opportunity for advancement.
  • Satisfaction/recommendation: how satisfied the employees are from an overall perspective and how inclined they are to recommend the employer to friends.
  • Loyalty: how likely employees are to stay with their current employer.

Sweden’s best employers are ranked based on Universum’s internal employer brand index, which lies between 0 and 100 for each evaluated employer. Each factor has the same maximum possible value (33.33), and the evaluated employers are ranked based on the sum of the three parts. Consid’s results for 2022 show an increase from the previous year with a whopping 33.9 points. The final result ends up at an impressive 85.9 out of 100.

¬ It is incredible that we have an even better result this year. We were Sweden’s Best Employer last year, and since then, we have listened to our employees’ needs and worked actively to develop to become even better, says Henrik Sandell, founder of Consid.

Peter Hellgren and Henrik Sandell
Peter Hellgren and Henrik Sandell

In addition to being Sweden’s best employer, Consid presented record-breaking figures for the third quarter of 2022. The turnover increased by 51.6 percent to SEK 454 million through organic growth. At the same time, the company has so far recruited over 460 new employees in 2022. Thanks to a balance between customers in the public sector and prominent private players, Consid’s services have increased steadily in recent years. During the first nine months of the year, Consid had a turnover of SEK 1.51 billion compared with the full year 2021, where the turnover ended at SEK 1.53 billion.

– We want to be a secure employer that our employees can trust. We do the opposite when many others cut back on operations and lay off staff. We are writing up our expected annual turnover of two billion SEK to total SEK 2.150 billion, and we will aim to have recruited over 500 people by the end of the year, says Peter Hellgren.

Sweden's Best Employer
Sweden’s Best Employer

In second place in this year’s edition of Sweden’s Best Employer came Sigma Technology Group, and in third place was Sogeti.

– When we started Consid, we wanted to build a workplace that we wanted to work at. The fantastic results that Consid presents are mainly because our employees enjoy the workplace and get the opportunity to do a job that is appreciated, says Henrik Sandell.

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