ABBA-Björn nominated “Digital Influencer of the Year”

PRESS RELEASE 2022-11-08

Music creator, social activist and entrepreneur Björn Ulvaeus is nominated for the prestigious award “Digital Influencer of the Year”. Other nominees for the award are Greta Thunberg and Matilda Djerf.

– It is perhaps mainly as the founder of Pophouse Entertainment, which connects the analogue and the digital world to bring entertainment and interactive experiences closer together that he is nominated. Pophouse Entertainment is, among other things, behind the Avicii Experience, an interactive tribute museum to Tim Bergling, says Peter Hellgren CEO of Consid.

The leading Swedish IT and communications company Consid annually awards digital role models who have left an impression in the public space. The different categories are “Digital Influencer of the Year”, “eQualizer of the Year” and “Digital Shooting Star of the Year”. In previous years, among others, Pernilla Nyrensten and Bianca Ingrosso have received awards. The award ceremony takes place at the large Considgala in the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall on 12 November.

This year’s nominees are a colorful bunch.

The award “Digital influencer of the year” is awarded to an individual who, during the year, using digital means, has shown great entrepreneurship, commitment and who has made an impression in the digital sphere in an exemplary way.


Matilda Djerf, founder of Djerf Avenue

With 2.7 million followers on her personal Instagram, Matilda daily inspires women around the world to love themselves just as they are. In just three years, and in the middle of a booming pandemic, Matilda, together with her partner Rasmus, has built her own brand Djerf Avenue into a global e-commerce success that went from 0 to 80 million in turnover in just two years. The company is backed, among other things, by the Revolution Race founder, also Sweden’s first female CEO, Pernilla Nyrensten.

Benjamin Ingrosso, Music Creator, Artist & TV Personality

Benjamin doesn’t just create magic on his digital channels – he also appears in his own cooking and lifestyle program “Benjamin’s” on TV4 and delivers music experiences, digital and physical, on a continuous basis. In an innovative way, he meets target group after target group and uses the possibilities of the digital world to reach out in an innovative, inspiring and effective way.

Greta Thunberg, environmental activist

She became famous all over the world when she started a school strike for the climate outside Sweden’s Riksdag in 2018. Since then, Greta Thunberg has gotten around in climate-smart ways to speak at everything from the UN climate conference to the European Parliament as well as in streets and squares around all of Europe together with other young environmental activists. In 2019, she sailed across the Atlantic to, among other things, participate in the Fridays for Futures summer conference. During the corona pandemic, she used her digital channels to urge people to continue standing up for the climate in a digital context. With her almost 15 million followers on Instagram, Greta has developed a digital platform that influences, affects and makes a difference.


Björn Ulvaeus, entrepreneur & music creator

He is best known as a singer, songwriter, producer and member of the legendary pop group ABBA, which has sold over 400 million albums worldwide. Since 2020, he is also the chairman of CISAC, the global umbrella organization for copyright organizations. Furthermore, he is the co-owner and founder of Pophouse Entertainment, which develops entertainment brands by bridging analog and digital worlds to bring entertainment and interactive experiences ever closer together. Pophouse Entertainment is, among other things, behind the Avicii Experience, an interactive tribute museum to one of the great music icons of our time, Tim Bergling, and some time ago acquired the forward-leaning podcast company Perfect Day Media.

This year’s eQualizer is awarded to an individual who in an exemplary manner pushed the gender equality issue forward in the IT industry during the past year and thus had to play a significant role when it comes to development in the right direction in the industry going forward.


Tilde “7licious” Byström, team captain of the Swedish women’s national team in e-sports

History was made this year when Sweden got a women’s national team for the international e-sports federation’s EC and WC tournaments – this in the form of a CS:GO team with Tilde “7licious” Byström as team captain. With the assignment, Tilde plays a decisive role on the female e-sports scene and is a true digital role model when it comes to pushing the issue of gender equality in the tech industry

Penny Parnevik, TV personality & influencer

She took the entire Swedish people by storm in the reality series “Parneviks”, premiered in 2015, where Swedish celebrities visited the Parnevik family in their mansion in Jupiter, Florida. Ever since then, Penny has built up a solid following where she not least inspires by unfilteredly showing life as a young mother – in both ups and downs. Penny is a true role model for young people.

Danny Lam, founder @TNKVRT

185 thousand Swedes take part in Danny Lam’s social intelligence daily via the Instagram account @TNKVRT. Through the platform, he spreads knowledge and information about countless socially critical issues, where equality, inclusion and social injustice are important cornerstones. Danny’s voice plays a critical role in informing the common people about issues of societal importance and his posts are spreading at a rate rarely seen. What makes us extra proud? That he is a Considare!

Bianca Kronlöf, comedian & actress

Bianca Kronlöf spoke for countless women when, on her Instagram, she read a letter to a male comedian who participated in the well-received and criticized documentary series, “Persona non grata”. In the letter, she mainly criticizes what she calls the “brotherhood”, which means that one distances oneself or does not want to know about accusations of sexual abuse directed at a friend. Bianca’s courage and openness were praised by many and she has since then continued to push the equality issue in an exemplary way on her channels and published her debut book “Letter to the man” – about “emotions, sex, violence and masculinity”. Through her stances, she has become an important symbol of equality.

“Digital shooting star of the year” is awarded to an individual or an initiative that emerged during the year as a rising star in digital – someone who in one way or another has shown proof that he is well on his way to making an incredible difference to digital development in the future. Nominate someone you think should be praised as the shooting star they are.



Petra Tungården, founder Adoore

In 2019, they had a turnover of 4 million, the following year double that. After another year, the company’s turnover was 39 million with a profit increase of 200% – and the success story for Petra Tungården’s Adoore continues tirelessly this year as well. The colorful, patterned dresses that are the mainstay of the e-tailer’s range have in recent years perfectly covered the social media feeds of both Swedish and international consumers. For Petra, “#nextlevel and beyond” seems to be the only conceivable thing to aim for!

Binette Seck, co-founder Changers Tech

Binette is a co-founder of the Space Academy at Space Stockholm and works as concept leader for the programming course Changers Tech at the innovation house Changers Hub, whose target group is young people in marginalized areas who, through the initiative, learn programming, gain access to attractive networks and meet role models in various fields. She is also the only official partner of the international venture iCog Anyone Can Code, which has trained over 26,000 children and young people in coding. In 2021, she was awarded IT Woman of the Year.

Omar Rudberg, artist & actor

As a participant in Talang in 2010, then a member of the boy band FO&O and participating in Melodifestivalen as a solo artist in 2019, Omar has laid a solid foundation for his rocket career. Career reached new heights in 2021 with his participation in the Netflix series “Young Royals” which was later awarded Program of the Year at the 2022 Crystal Awards. With 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Omar is already a bright star in the digital sky – but his journey has just begun.

Camilla Hamid, baking wonder & influencer

She is only 30 years young but has already built a brilliant career as a cookbook author, recipe creator and blogger. Yes, Camilla Hamid has many strings to her lyre. On her Instagram and YouTube, she inspires hundreds of thousands to add a golden edge to life with delicious baked goods. This year she was one of this year’s summer hosts in Summer in P1. We will see a lot more of Camilla – be sure.

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