Consid earns renewed trust from the Swedish Procurement Authority

IT and communication company Consid continues to secure contracts. Since the turn of the year, the company has announced several successful procurements, including with the Riksbank, and now receives continued trust from the Swedish Procurement Authority.

Emina Busatlija, Bid Manager at Consid.
Peter Hellgren
Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

– We have a strong ethos in public affairs where we are a long-term and reliable partner. The recent deals demonstrate strength within the company where, despite a persistently sluggish market, we have maintained stability, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

In total, the agreement involves around ten roles where Consid will be the Procurement Authority’s partner in matters relating to the development and management of the authority’s web services such as its website and intranet.

– The procurement is based on a four-year trust where we become the Procurement Authority’s strategic partner. It feels particularly rewarding to seal this deal as we have had a collaboration before. Continuing it is very honourable, says Emina Busatlija, Bid Manager at Consid.

The long-term value of the deal amounts to 30 million SEK and comes at a time when the market is beginning to awaken after a downturn period.

– There’s no denying that the past two, three years have been economically worse than the period before. Naturally, we too have felt the downturn, but as a company, it’s important to be adaptable and find ways forward, says Peter Hellgren, emphasizing the importance of long-term thinking:

– In every aspect of the company. Long-term contracts like this are one part. Another is the pet peeve that we’ve lived with for almost 24 years; our greatest asset is our employees. If we can take care of them during tougher times, it will pay off during good times.

Currently, Consid has a mix of approximately 50/50 between private and public sector clients in its customer portfolio.

Consid Secures New Contract with the Central Bank of Sweden

In recent days, the IT company Consid has successfully secured a new significant contract with the Central Bank. The agreement encompasses management, further development, and innovation related to specific IT systems developed in-house by the Central Bank of Sweden.
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