Consid Dominates Sitevision’s MVP Awards 2023

No less than five employees from Consid have been awarded Sitevision's Most Valuable Professionals 2023. The Swedish CMS presents this award to 'individuals who have excelled with great knowledge and equal dedication during the past Sitevision year.'

Alexander Gustafsson, responsible for Consid's platform deliveries
Alexander Gustafsson, responsible for Consid's platform deliveries

“Sitevision’s partners coach, support, challenge, and collaborate with our clients to ensure they get the very best out of the platform,” says Nadia Cabezas, Partner Manager at Sitevision.

Filip Huhta, System Developer & Team Lead, Aggi Ahlnäs, Project Manager and Consulting Manager, Oskar Åkerlund, Tech Lead and Integration Specialist, and Pauline Fagerberg, Developer and Project Manager, all receive the MVP award for the first time.

On the other hand, Alexander Gustafsson, Architect and Business Development Manager at Consid, is receiving the award for the fourth time. Alexander began his interest in development early on and started his own business in development and consulting services at the age of 16. For many years now, Alexander has been primarily working with the Sitevision platform, where he is passionate about smart solutions that leverage the platform’s full potential and is always willing to share valuable knowledge when the opportunity arises. Alexander currently holds a role as Business Development and Team Manager at Consid, which has become Sitevision’s largest partner.

“It’s a pure pleasure to coach our clients in Sitevision. The platform is intuitive, secure, and powerful. With this, we succeed in delivering innovative solutions that stand out, while also having a unique offering in Sitevision’s partner network,” says Alexander Gustafsson.

Sitevision is a web publishing system for intranets and websites. Sitevision was developed in Sweden by the Örebro-based company Senselogic, founded in 2002. Today, the company is called Sitevision and in recent years, it has gained market share in Sweden, primarily in the public sector, compared to Optimimizely/Episerver.

Consid is currently Sitevision’s largest partner with 120 certifications in the platform and delivers secure, innovative solutions that stand out.

This is the fourth consecutive year that individuals within Sitevision’s partner network can receive the title of Sitevision Most Valuable Professional.

SiteVision Most Valuable Professional is selected through a comprehensive process that rewards understanding of the SiteVision platform. The award is given to individuals in the company’s partner network who have extensive knowledge of the product, show exceptional dedication, and contribute to more people discovering and utilizing the platform’s full potential.”

How can you increase employee experience with the help of AI?

Alexander Gustafsson, Head of Business Development and Solutions Architect at Consid, is now driving a new AI initiative linked to Sitevision. With the help of an AI chatbot, you can enhance employee experience and create business value through increased productivity, reduced support needs, and the ability to automate processes. Read more about how you can create a better employee experience by using AI in Alexander Gustafsson's blog post.
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