Consid at the Forefront of a Data-Driven Future

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, data analysis is becoming increasingly crucial. Nearly every action we take generates data from which valuable insights can be drawn. With a clear plan and strategy, Consid is poised to assist companies in making informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

Carolina Mohlin, Business Line Manager Data & Insights at Consid.
Carolina Mohlin, Business Line Manager Data & Insights at Consid.

Carolina Mohlin serves as Consid’s Business Line Manager in the Data & Insights department. With extensive experience in the IT and consulting industries, she is an expert in leveraging data effectively.

– In this era of data-driven initiatives, we aim to assist clients on their journey. It’s about identifying their challenges and providing solutions for their progression, says Carolina Mohlin.

Consid has a longstanding history of working with clients in areas such as digital transformation, cloud services, app development, IoT, and AI. In 2023, the Data & Insights department renewed its commitment to propel clients forward in data development.

– There’s significant evolution in this field, with numerous new products and tools emerging. Our team comprises highly skilled individuals with extensive experience, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the market, notes Carolina Mohlin.

Since joining in January 2023, the department has doubled in size, welcoming approximately 30 new employees. Carolina aims for a similar growth trajectory in 2024, guided by market needs and Consid’s strong customer base.

– As a data-driven company, success in the future is contingent on analyzing, forecasting, and making data-driven decisions. Being data-driven today is crucial for survival in the competitive landscape. We often say ‘data is the new gold,’ and using it intelligently can confer a competitive edge.

Looking ahead, one of the significant challenges yet enablers in Data & Insights is Artificial Intelligence (AI), according to Carolina.

– The key challenge is to concretize AI. Many aspire to delve into AI, and the challenge lies in identifying tangible steps for sustainability. That’s where we come in to assist.

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