Consid and syntheticAIdata: Pioneering the future of AI solutions

With an increased presence of AI, our partnership with syntheticAIdata can play a crucial role where advanced technologies and solutions will provide us with new opportunities and insights.


Consid has joined forces and formed a partnership with syntheticAIdata. This partnership represents the convergence of Consid's dominant market position and its formidable expertise in the realm of artificial intelligence, with syntheticAIdata's groundbreaking technology centered around the synthesis of data tailored for AI applications. This union expands the horizons for prospective AI solutions and amplifies the potential for elevating businesses to reinforce their competitive edge and internal operational efficacy.

How does AI improve decision-making and processes?

AI is increasingly infiltrating our lives, both professionally and personally, something we’ve all witnessed and noted in the media. Some of us have even used it in our careers and personal lives. The challenge with AI lies in training the model one uses, and this requires data. The more data there is and the more diverse it is, all while maintaining quality, the higher quality we can expect from the AI tool.

More and more companies are integrating AI into their operations, from image recognition to automating data-driven decisions. The major challenge is having quality data in large quantities to make the AI model as capable as possible. Data collection is time-consuming, which means it usually takes some time to get a well-functioning AI model to perform effectively. This is where synthetic data comes in. With the right tools, one can cost-effectively generate vast amounts of synthetic quality data, allowing for quicker training, testing, and deployment of an AI model for automated processes. This creates significant business value for customers, as they can realize their investment returns faster and further develop their processes.

AI illustration. SyntheticAIdata partnership with Consid

Investments in synthetic data and AI: The future and cost savings for customers

In many municipalities today, advanced robots equipped with artificial intelligence are being used to streamline and automate certain aspects of the livelihood support process, such as social assistance. In this process, clients input their income and expense information, and by utilizing a trained AI model, the robot can determine whether the individual is eligible for benefits or not.

Another area of advanced technology application is within the forestry industry. Here, drones equipped with cameras and advanced image recognition powered by AI are employed. These drones are used to detect and monitor potential attacks from pests, such as the spruce bark beetle, which causes significant economic losses in the forestry sector every year, often in the millions.

Our customers are making substantial investments in AI right now. According to Gartner, synthetic data will be the foundation for massive investments in the future and will be essential for quickly training AI models for production. In short, it’s a hot topic, and at Consid, we can help our customers achieve significant savings!

AI illustration. SyntheticAIdata partnership with Consid

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