Consid and Sitevision Pave the Way for Tailored Member Experiences

Consid and Sitevision opened their doors and welcomed 16 member organizations to the Consid office in Stockholm for a networking event. On the agenda were inspiration and the exchange of experiences with guest speakers from the Social Democrats and Vision. After the success, one of the presentations will now be offered as a webinar, and another networking event will be held to give more member-focused organizations the opportunity to participate.

– The future for member organizations, such as trade unions, for example, lies in digital solutions. Such solutions not only provide them with the ability to gather information and functionality but also involve simple and direct communication with and among members. We are extremely pleased to be part of the digital leap that many organizations are taking, says Alexander Gustafsson, Business Manager at Consid.

In the opening presentation of the networking event, Veronica Eksmo from Consid and Matilda Viktorsson from Sitevision discussed how we collectively view deliveries regarding member organizations from a partner and platform perspective. They shared good experiences where strategic work and platforms collaborate and discussed how we can take advantage of existing similarities while still meeting unique needs.

While more and more member-driven and owned organizations strengthen their digital presence, it is easy to lose sight of the core of the business: the members. During the meeting at the Stockholm office, Anna Söby from the Social Democrats spoke about the importance of membership. Digital tools and a “logged-in” mode were two central points where the Social Democrats have chosen to focus heavily on their platforms to simplify things for the members.

Today’s second guest speaker, the trade union Vision, is currently developing their new platform. The “digital house” will encompass the entire operation and will be tailored for members and elected representatives with the help of Consid.

– The key in these types of organizations is to start from the members’ needs. You are a member of a trade union to improve your situation, which also needs to be reflected in the services you use. Sitevision is a very good platform to use in that regard, says Veronica Eksmo, project manager at Consid.

Another aspect highlighted during the day is how AI and new technology transform challenges into opportunities – especially when it comes to creating tailored user experiences. Experiences were also shared regarding how AI allows us to address old challenges and problems in new ways, enabling organizations to better meet the needs of their members. One such area is tailored experiences on an individual level.

During the spring, two more occasions will be arranged on the same topic. Partly as a follow-up for those who participated in previous meetings, partly to give more member-focused organizations the opportunity to participate.

– We are very pleased to have received so much positive feedback about our event, and we are delighted to announce that we will be running it again this spring! This time, we invite you to a webinar on April 16, followed by another physical networking event on May 21 at our office here in Stockholm, says Klara Hellman, customer manager at Consid.

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