Consid inaugurates new impressive office in central Örebro

The IT and communications company Consid has been a strong player in the market since its inception in Örebro. Over the past years, the company has become a national hub for Consid's Sitevision partnership, as well as an important local partner for IT services. To celebrate its success, they are now opening their new office in the magnificent SEB Palace.

Sebastian Kvarnström, regional manager Consid Örebro
Sebastian Kvarnström, office manager Consid Örebro
"The house's beautiful facade and character-defining interior have been carefully and meticulously woven together with the functions and amenities required today to meet the needs of a modern workplace", says Sofia Nilsson, Facility Manager at Consid.

– It’s one of the more spectacular buildings in Örebro with a long history of entrepreneurship. It feels very exciting to finally have it all ready, says Sebastian Kvarnström, office manager at Consid in Örebro.

It’s a stately centenarian with beautiful facade embellishments that remind of the history that Consid is now moving into. On the outside, everything looks as usual, but on the inside, things have been happening for a little over a year. The premises covering an area of 1050 square meters have been renovated to suit Consid’s needs.

– We have made extensive tenant adaptations as we have converted from a bank premises to a modern office. It has been a thorough work to get this right as there is some cultural-historical interior to consider and adapt to, says Fredrik Nordgren, technical manager at Castellum Örebro.

One of Consid’s hallmarks is its offices. These often spectacular buildings are designed to maximize the well-being of employees and play a clear role in the company’s employer branding. The Örebro office is no exception. There are some Art Nouveau-inspired elements that have been preserved; dark-stained muntin oak in the ceiling, wainscoting, stucco decorations on the walls, and windows with faceted glass and brass muntins. Now the old historical elements meet the new modern ones in a fantastic way. Sofia Nilsson is the Facility Manager at Consid and has worked closely with the landlord Castellum to achieve the right Consid feel in the old central bank palace.

– Taking on a project like this is not a given, but Castellum dared to believe in our vision and thanks to good cooperation, we have together created a fantastic meeting place. The house’s beautiful facade and character-defining interior have been carefully and meticulously woven together with the functions and amenities required today to meet the needs of a modern workplace. The beautiful 110-year-old building on Drottninggatan has been given new life! We look forward to welcoming employees, customers, and guests to our new beautiful office in the future, says Sofia Nilsson, Facility Manager at Consid.

Since its inception in 2000, Consid, with an annual growth rate of 30 percent, has become one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic region. With around 40 offices across Sweden and strategically placed international offices in Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Warsaw, and Helsinki, the goal is to take a top position in Northern Europe by 2025.

At the same time, it’s important to maintain a connection to the local and small.

– One of our core values is entrepreneurship. Locally, we are a strong player where we build our business on a solid local knowledge. You could say we’re the small big company, explains Sebastian Kvarnström.

The office has been renovated in partnership with the landlord Castellum.
The new offices offers a wide range of public spaces for the employees.

Umgängesytor på Consids kontor i Örebro


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