Consid Achieves Milestone: Unveils Varberg Office as ‘Our First Legitimate Headquarters’, Hallands Nyheter Reports

In 2023, numerous local offices of Consid will relocate to new premises. Among them is the Varberg office, which, after nearly a year, has finally found its permanent abode – an accomplishment highlighted by Hallands Nyheter.

“Consid, the rapidly expanding IT and communications firm, inaugurated its Varberg office last year. Now, the company has discovered the ideal address to foster future growth. Soon, they will transition to the former premises of Länsförsäkringar on Östra Vallgatan.

– It feels like we have finally found our first legitimate headquarters, cementing our presence in Varberg, affirms Stuart McDougal, the office manager overseeing Varberg, Halmstad, and Ängelholm,” as stated in Hallands Nyheter.

Stuart McDougall, office manager at Consid in Halmstad
Stuart McDougall, office manager at Consid.

Within the article, Stuart McDougal articulates several compelling reasons why this particular location is an excellent fit for Consid. Firstly, its adaptability aligns seamlessly with the rapid expansion of the Varberg office. Secondly, it boasts a prime “location,” as McDougal himself dubs it.

– Being right in the heart of the action tremendously benefits both our employees and clients. Having our office situated in the city simplifies commuting logistics, asserts Stuart McDougal.

The goal is to settle into the new premises by late August.

Read the complete article here.

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