A Significant Number of Returnees in 2023: “Found My Way Back Home”

A good coporate culture, a sense of security, and ample opportunities – these three reasons for choosing Consid are emphasized by the company's returning employees. In 2023, a considerable number of returnees were welcomed back, three of whom – Anna Kaiser, Pradeep Kodithuwakku, and Madelaine Ferm Sandahl – share their journeys back to Sweden's best employer.

Anna Kaiser.
Madelaine Ferm Sandahl, testledare och IT-projektledare, Consid.
Madelaine Ferm Sandahl.

It’s not uncommon for employees to leave a company, but it’s more unusual for several of them to choose to return. Last year, Consid had the honor of welcoming back a significant number of colleagues. They were warmly welcomed back to their respective offices. Anna Kaiser, office manager in Trollhättan, returned to Consid in February 2023.

– At Consid, I feel at home when I’m at work, and I missed that everyday life. The fun thing about Consid is that no day is like the other, and that suits me well, says Anna Kaiser.

One of the main reasons for choosing Consid, as stated by the returnees, is the internal climate and the sense of home in the company’s offices. Well-being, security, and corporate culture are aspects that Consid has worked extensively on, and the company has been named Sweden’s best employer for three consecutive years. The fact that several employees choose to return is further evidence that the work Consid does regarding the work environment and well-being is valuable.

One of Conid’s strongest foundations is that all employees should have the opportunity to make their voices heard. There is ample room for individual initiatives and ideas, promoting personal and professional development – something that has not escaped returnee Pradeep Kodithuwakku, Cloud Advisor in Malmö.

– I feel at home at Consid, and it gives me a sense of belonging; I felt great support when I came back. Besides, they see the value of my contributions to the business, and that motivates me, says Pradeep Kodithuwakku.

Another colleague who has found her way back is Madelaine Ferm Sandahl. She started at Consid in Gävle in 2019 and enjoyed her time there, but due to events in her private life, she chose to leave Consid for a more structured everyday life.

– But after four years and a pandemic, I felt it was time to find my way home again. Basically, I never left Consid; I just took a break. Many new faces and a larger office welcomed me back, says Madelaine Ferm Sandahl, Test Leader, and IT Project Manager in Gävle.

All three returnees are optimistic about their future at the company and look forward to developing professionally as well as personally.

– My expectation is that I will be able to expand my skills alongside my assignment and spend time with the wonderful team here in Gävle. To be part of the happenings at Consid and support the work to get that extra boost of energy, says Madelaine Ferm Sandahl.

Consid’s HR and Recruitment Manager, Anita Beslic, sees it as positive that several choose to return to the company.

– That several choose to return to Consid indicates that they have had positive experiences and memories from their employment at Consid. It is proof that we have a healthy and satisfying environment where people thrive – something we work hard to achieve, says Anita Beslic.

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