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Consid in numbers


2200 million SEK in turnover.


42% increase in profits year-on-year.


Number of Employees January 1st 2022.


Number of Employees December 31 2022.

Words from the CEO

Amidst challenging global economic conditions, including a significant slowdown and a gas shortage in Europe that spiked energy prices and led to nearly 10% inflation, Consid not only thrived but also saw substantial growth. By balancing clients from the public sector and key private entities, we maintained steady demand for our services, showcasing our resilience and adaptability. Our goal is to become Northern Europe’s premier IT and communications firm within five years.

In 2022, Consid’s turnover reached SEK 2.2 billion, a 42% increase, with a profit of SEK 244 million. Recognized as “Sweden’s Best Employer” and a “Career Company,” we’re celebrated for our exceptional workplace and commitment to career development. Consid expanded its workforce by 525, reaching nearly 1,400 employees and extending its presence across Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, including significant strides in the Norwegian market through a pivotal contract with Oslo Kommune.

Our strategic expansion, innovative business structures, and “Centers of Excellence” underscore our commitment to inclusivity, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Importantly, our sustainability efforts are integral, focusing on addressing climate change, supporting conflict zones, and advancing gender equality, highlighted by initiatives like Q by Consid to increase diversity in tech. Our response to the Ukraine crisis through job offers, fundraising, and partnerships reflects our dedication to global humanitarian efforts.

Consid has actively engaged in Sweden’s digital transformation conversation and supported the e-sports industry, while our Trainee Program continues to nurture future tech leaders. This year’s achievements, marked by our vibrant culture and growth, are a testament to the dedication of our employees and customers.

Peter Hellgren

Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid

Highlights from 2022

Discover our best moments from last year! From key projects to major milestones, take a glimpse at our highlights that defined our journey.


In addition, we are proud to have been recognized as a Career Company for the eighth consecutive year, a rare achievement in our industry. Our employee Robert Carpvik sums up the Consid experience perfectly: ”From the start of my journey at Consid, I have been infected by the passion and commitment that exists in the compa-

ny. There is a clear entrepreneurial and forward-thinking spirit at Consid that encourages development. We have a lot of fun together, while constantly achieving new successes, which I personally believe is one of the keys to the growth that Consid stands for.”


We are delighted to announce that Consid has been awarded Sweden’s Best Employer in all categories for the second consecutive year. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our exceptional team at Consid. We are particularly proud to have received this recognition based on the feedback of our own employees, which validates our unwavering commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture

Gold glitter.


Our growth continues to soar, with nearly 1,700 team members now at Consid. Despite uncertain economic times, we remain committed to investing in our team and expanding our business. We are thrilled to have welcomed 525 new team members in the past year and look forward to continuing to create job opportunities and expand our services.


Our recent expansion into Denmark has been a fascinating new venture for Consid. We have successfully entered the Danish IT market with a focus on creating value and solutions for a better tomorrow. We have already started collaborations with customers and partners in Copenhagen, and our goal is to surpass 30 team members in Denmark by the end of 2023.

Consid in Copenhagen Denmark. Nyhamn with boat harbor and colorful buildings


Our expansion into Germany has taken us to the vibrant city of Hamburg, where we are excited to bring our expertise as the best employer in the industry and the foremost digital competence available. Our first consultants are already on board, and we’re serving a diverse customer base that includes public sector clients and large private companies. Our services have seen steady demand over the years, even in times of economic uncertainty. Our goal is to become the biggest player in northern Europe within the next five years.


Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany

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Take a closer look at our top moments and key achievements on this page.

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Success Stories

In the last twenty years, we've aided 1000+ clients in conquering digital hurdles. Discover how we've tackled these challenges with cutting-edge solutions.

Mathem's new intranet on a laptop.

Case | 2023-04-17

Accessible home for Mathem's employees - became a crucial service for Swedish society

Accessible home for Mathem's employees - became a crucial service for Swedish society

Case | 2023-01-04

Canon promotes physical printing in a new campaign

Canon promotes physical printing in a new campaign

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Piab’s new partner portal

Piab’s new partner portal
Coop's new Scan & Pay application on an iPhone in the hand of a person.

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Coop's Scan & Pay enables fast self-scanning and check-out

Coop's Scan & Pay enables fast self-scanning and check-out
Spendrups nya katalog som är PIM-genererad. Skapad av Consid

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Spendrup's new PIM-generated catalog

Spendrup's new PIM-generated catalog

Meet Our Employees

The employees are very important, and here at Consid, we are highly valued. I was also attracted by the opportunity to contribute to shaping Consid's efforts in Embedded.

Samuel Zetterlund

Embedded Developer

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Porträtt på Samuel Zetterlund, Embedded-utvecklare på Consids kontor i Linköping.
Full speed ahead.

Erica Dahlberg

Business Line Manager, Embedded

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Erica Dahlberg, Business Line Manager, Embedded Consid

Sustainability- Consid and Agenda 2030

Good Health and Well-being

Good health is essential for personal development and societal progress. Consid targets key sub-SGDs, such as reducing non-communicable disease deaths and supporting vaccine accessibility. Internally, we prioritize employee well-being and have detection systems for drug abuse. Our partnership with War Child promotes mental health in conflict zones.

Quality Education

Education is a fundamental right, yet 774 million people worldwide, mostly women, lack literacy. Quality education is essential for prosperity and equality. Through our support for War Child, we work towards SDG 4 goals while addressing the IT competence crisis in Sweden and promoting interest in engineering among youth.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is vital for sustainable development, emphasizing fair power distribution and ending violence and discrimination against women and girls. Achieving parity benefits society in various dimensions. Our efforts align with SDG 5 goals, promoting equal opportunities and respect for diversity within our company and through initiatives like Q by Consid in the IT industry.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Over half of the global workforce experiences insecure employment and limited access to education and social insurance. With a projected 800 million increase in the workforce over the next 20 years, creating sustainable jobs is crucial. Proper working conditions are essential for economic growth and societal well-being, necessitating the protection of workers' rights and promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

A stable infrastructure is vital for a thriving society, requiring inclusivity and sustainability. Innovation and technology play a crucial role in addressing economic and environmental challenges, creating new markets and opportunities while promoting resource efficiency and equality. Investing in sustainable industries, research, eco-friendly technologies, and innovation is essential for achieving sustainable development.

Partnerships for the Goals

Global partnership and collaboration are crucial for achieving the SDGs. This requires solidarity, capacity building, and mobilization of resources to ensure inclusivity and progress for all. International investments, coordinated policies, and knowledge exchange, especially in developing countries, are essential for innovation, fair trade, and addressing humanitarian crises, making SDG 17 pivotal for success.

Climate Action

Climate change presents a serious threat to civilization, with rising emissions pushing global temperatures beyond two degrees and causing severe consequences for ecosystems and human well-being. Consid aims to reduce emissions by nearly 30% within five years, partnering with Bixia to support local renewable energy producers and provide renewable energy to customers in Sweden.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Human overconsumption demands a shift to sustainable practices in production and consumption for environmental, social, and economic benefits. Consid partners with Dustin for sustainable technology sourcing and collaborates with Inrego for equipment recycling while advocating for sustainability in public procurement.

Reduce Inequalities

Equality is crucial for sustainable development, ensuring fair distribution of resources and influence. The SDGs prioritize inclusivity through the "Leave No One Behind" principle. Consid's "Visa Handlingskraft" initiative advocates for human rights in business, reflecting our commitment. Explore our policies to join us.

Key Figures

Management Report

In 2022, Consid experienced significant growth despite challenging economic conditions. Europe faced a gasshortage, leading to soaring energy prices and a CPIF inflation close to 10 percent. In response, the central bank raised interest rates to curb inflation. Nevertheless, Consid’s demand remained resilient due to a balanced clientele and steady growth over the years. In 2022, Consid achieved remarkable success and growth, becoming one of Scandinavia’s fastest-growing IT companies. Revenue reached 2,178,661 SEK, a growth of 41.8 percent from the previous year, and profit after financial items increased by 39.6 percent, totaling 243,644 SEK.

Consid earned the prestigious title of ”Career Company” for the eighth consecutive year, showcasing its commitment to personal development and innovation. The company also showed its dedication to social responsibility by offering support to Ukrainian developers amid geopolitical turmoil and donating to partner organizations aiding the crisis in Ukraine. Throughout the year, Consid actively promoted work-life balance and family connections, engaging children in programming during the ”Bring Your Child to Work Day” event.

The company also demonstrated commitment to the field of e-sports through partnerships and organizing the inaugural Swedish Championship in e-sports for companies. Consid’s culture of continuous learning and growth was evident in its successful trainee program, which was ranked as the second most attractive in Sweden by students. The company remains a leading expert in digital transformation, communication, and development, dedicated to helping clients achieve their visions through sustainable digitization efforts. Looking forward to 2023, Consid aims to create even greater digital solutions and contribute to a brighter future.

Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid

Consid Annual Report 2022-numbers

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