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Consid stands out as the fastest-growing inriver partner in the Nordics, proudly attaining the prestigious Platinum partnership level, along with accolades such as Ambassador of the Year and inriver Champion. Leveraging over a decade of expertise, Consid specializes in empowering both B2B and B2C enterprises to assert control over their product information. With our profound proficiency in inriver, we are poised to craft bespoke solutions that impeccably align with the distinctive requirements of your business.

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Platinum Partner & Champions program

One of the largest inriver teams in the Nordics

20+ satisfied inriver customers

The Nordic region’s most skilled inriver team

Consid has extensive experience in PIM implementations with inriver and is one of the few Nordic entities holding the highest partnership level with InRiver, as a Platinum Partner. Additionally, we have one of the largest inriver teams in the Nordic region, where all developers are certified and possess years of experience.

Platinum Partner & Champions Program

We are one of the few entities holding the highest level of partnership with InRiver and take pride in being a Platinum Partner. Additionally, we consider it of utmost importance to drive development within the PIM domain, especially for the inriver product. Therefore, we are also part of inriver’s Champions Program, designed to assemble the industry’s leading experts in PIM. Our own PIM expert, Roy Eriksson, is a member of this program and has also been honored as the Partner Ambassador of the Year.

Consid’s PIM expertise and comprehensive services

In addition to having a highly competent inriver team and extensive experience in PIM implementations for global companies, Consid offers a comprehensive range of services that enable deeper engagement in client collaborations. This includes everything from strategy, analysis, and pre-studies to the development of apps, websites, systems, and management. With Consid as a partner, you get everything under one roof.

Consid’s broad industry expertise

At Consid, we are passionate about helping our clients excel in their niches. Regardless of the industry, we provide support ranging from PIM and DAM to comprehensive commitments in web and app projects. This applies across all industries, as reflected in the numerous awards and nominations we have received. This includes, for example, the Web Service Award, the Swedish Design Prize, and the Publishing Prize.

We are driven by the ambition to make both government agencies and businesses the best in the world at what they do, all while contributing to long-term sustainable and intelligent development.

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For direct communication with our expert, Roy Eriksson, please contact him via email: or by phone at +46 73-035 29 91.

Roy Eriksson, PIM- och Inriver-ansvarig hos Consid

Consid's inriver projects


We were asked to make a PIM solution to create better communication opportunities between the company's employees, offices and stores.

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Soligt växthus med växter och träd i

Consid's inriver projects

Spendrup's new PIM-generated catalog

Through simplified presentation, a graphically appealing layout & updated information, we have created Spendrup's new product catalog for the subsidiary Spring Wine & Spirits with product information from their inRiver PIM.

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Spendrups nya katalog som är PIM-genererad. Skapad av Consid

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