Digizuite expertise at Consid

Consid is a leading partner to Digizuite in the Nordics, with expert teams specialized in Digital Asset Management (DAM). Together with Digizuite globally, we deliver tailored solutions for efficient management of growing digital assets for organizations, businesses, and brands.


Efficient management of digital assets with Consid and Digizuite.

Many of Consid's clients face the challenge of managing a growing volume of digital assets, including images, marketing materials, fonts, presentations, brochures, videos, and document archives. These assets need to be efficiently handled across various channels and systems, such as intranets, websites, CMS, PIM, e-commerce, social media, document portals, media banks, and through open APIs. With Digizuite, Consid offers a leading DAM solution that enables unified management across all channels. Digizuite is successfully used by global companies with complex needs, distinguishing itself as a scalable and user-friendly SaaS DAM platform built on modern technology.

Experts in DAM

The leading Digizuite team in the Nordics.

Complete solution for DAM

Your crucial digital assets

Today, the need to gather, structure, and efficiently collaborate around the digital assets of organizations and businesses is greater than ever. The key to success is to manage everything in one place – in a DAM.

Consid’s expertise

Consid’s DAM expert has over 15 years of experience assisting businesses with DAM strategy, implementation, and management. We can either take interim roles in the marketing organization or act as a full-service partner with a complete team delivery.

In addition to our skilled Digizuite team and our extensive experience in DAM implementations, Consid offers a broad range of services enabling comprehensive solutions in IT, business development, and communication. This includes everything from consulting, strategy, analysis, and pre-studies to requirements specification, development, and implementation of apps, websites, systems, and management.

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For direct contact with Torbjörn, please use the following contact information: Email: torbjorn.adenvik@consid.se or phone: +4670-10 74 334. He looks forward to the opportunity to further discuss with you!

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