Word: Basic course

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This basic Microsoft Word course equips you with the essential tools and prerequisites needed to streamline your workflow and maximize productivity.

About the course

In just one day, you’ll acquire the most useful tools and features in Word, enabling you to effectively handle images, templates, printouts, and text editing. This course lays the foundation for a smooth and efficient workflow within the program.

  • Introduction to Word’s windows and menus
  • Optimizing text writing and editing with tabs and indentation
  • Using tables for layouts and running text
  • Basic image management
  • Formatting templates
  • Printing
  • Brief overview of PDF


Everyone is welcome to participate in the course, regardless of their experience.

Target audience

The course is appropriate for beginners and inexperienced users who need to work more efficiently.


1 day course, from 9 am to 4 pm

Course type

The course is customizable for closed groups and can be held on-site or online.


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