Understanding DORA: Navigating the Digital Operational Resilience Act

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14 Feb
12:00 - 12:45
Johan Persson, Tord Strømdal

Learn more about DORA and how to ensure your organisation’s compliance and resilience.

Johan Persson, IT Solutions Architect & Cyber Security Specialist at Consid.

Johan Persson

IT Solutions Architect & Cyber Security Specialist

Johan has a rich background in both operations and development and is specialised in information security and secure system architecture.

Tord Strømdal, Change manager within GDPR, NIS2 and DORA at Consid.

Tord Strømdal

Change manager within GDPR, NIS2 and DORA

Tord is an experienced Business Architect and Change Leader with a focus on business changes. He has worked in depth with GDPR adaptation and NIS implementations for a wide range of organisations in several sectors.

Understand the Digital Operational Resilience Act

In an era marked by escalating global uncertainties and mounting cyber threats, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) emerges as a pivotal EU regulation. Its focus on information security and risk management within the financial sector makes it imperative for all organisations operating within the EU. The regulation will affect more than 22.000 orginsations and will apply from January 17th 2025.

During these 45 minutes you will get the latest insights from Johan Persson, IT Solutions Architect and Cyber Security Specialist, and Tord Strømdal, Change Manager within GDPR, NIS2 and DORA. They will help you understand DORA and how it affects your organisation.

What will I learn?

Expect to learn more about these topics during this webinar:

  • Understanding DORA: Delve into the essence of the Digital Operational Resilience Act.
  • Impact on Your Organisation: Explore who is affected and decipher how DORA influences your organisation.
  • Unveiling the “5 Pillars of DORA”: Discover the core foundations of this regulatory framework.
  • Immediate Action Steps: Practical guidance on steps to take now for DORA readiness.
  • Consid’s Support: Learn how Consid can assist you in navigating through the changes brought by DORA.

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