Key drivers for a successful organisational transformation

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Workshop at office.
6 Dec
12:00 - 12:45
Christian Wedel, Danijel Simunovic

Watch our webinar with focus on the key drivers for a successful organisational transformation where you will learn about innovation, agile methodologies, and more.

Christian Wedel, strategist at Consid.

Christian Wedel

Strategist at Consid

Christian brings 25 years of experience into his role as strategist at Consid. He is helping world-leading organisations with translating business challenges and strategies into digital solutions, and foster an environment where IT becomes an enabler to accelerate business value.

Danijel Simunovic, Senior Agile Coach at Consid

Danijel Simunovic

Senior Agile Coach at Consid

Danijel is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in agile coaching and agile methodologies within a wide range of organisations and industries.

Get your organisation on board on the transformational journey

Welcome to our webinar, where we delve into the dynamic realm of organisational transformation, and guide you through the essential steps to bring your entire organisation on board this transformative journey.

During these 45 minutes you will get the latest insights from Christian Wedel, Strategist at Consid, and Danijel Simunovic, Senior Agile Coach at Consid. They will talk about the often missed or underestimated challenge of getting your organisation fully on board on a transformational journey.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the challenge of orchestrating a successful organisational transformation is often underestimated or overlooked. Christian and Danijel will shed light on the key drivers for a successful transformation, emphasizing how to maximise the value and contribution of your organisation. They will explore strategies to foster innovation within your teams and organisations, cultivating an innovative mindset crucial for aligning with and achieving your company’s vision.

What will I learn?

Expect to learn more about these topics during this webinar:

  • Spur innovation: Setup your teams and organisations to foster an innovative mindset to support reaching the company vision.
  • Agile methodologies: In a change process, most successful companies adopt agile way of working to maximise the speed of change.
  • Shorten decision loops: Empower your organisation to raise and make decisions. This will both free up time for the management team and increases the ownership from the teams.
  • Communication: A fully bought in management team on all levels that on a daily basis communicate and live by the vision is one of the most important success factors.

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