Considition 2023 - In Collaboration with Coca-Cola in Sweden

Considition 2023 was organized in close collaboration with Coca-Cola in Sweden to develop the future of sustainable beverage consumption. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all participants and especially to Coca-Cola in Sweden.

Svart-silvriga termomuggar bredvid en Coca-Cola dryckesautomat

Consid's annual hackathon

Considition is Consid's annual hackathon held during the autumn. Every year, participants are challenged to solve a sustainability-related problem with the support of AI and ML. The challenge varies annually, as does the partner co-organizing the hackathon. Everyone is welcome to participate in Considition, whether you are a first-year student or a senior developer, working in the private or public sector, residing inside or outside of Sweden, or willing to compete either from home or at one of our offices in Sweden. You register in teams of one or two persons, and Consid provides introductory materials, articles, podcasts, and videos on the technical skills needed to create a solution. This year's partner was none other than Coca-Cola in Sweden, and we are already looking forward to next year's Considition!

Considition stockholmskontoret personal från consid & coca-cola i SverigeConsiditon 2023 stockholmskontoretConsidition 2023 StockholmskontoretConsidition 2023 teamConsiditon 2023 stockholmskontoret teamConsidition 2023. Intervju med Consid & Coca-Cola i SverigeCoca-Cola i Sverige på plats i Stockholm för Considition 2023Coca-Cola i Sverige på plats i Stockholm för Considition 2023Considition 2023 team i Stockholm
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AI Hackathon with Sustainability Focus in Sweden

Just like in previous years, Considition will make a real impact by finding sustainable and innovative AI solutions in the fall of 2023. This marks the sixth consecutive year of Considition, organized by us at Consid. In previous years, we have collaborated with entities such as Budbee, the triathlon company IRONMAN, drone startup GLOBHE, and Riksbyggen – a company involved in the construction and management of properties. The theme has varied from year to year, but the overall goal has always remained the same – to contribute to a more sustainable society through the use of AI.

Last year’s edition of Considition was organized in collaboration with Axfoundation – an independent, non-profit organization actively working towards a sustainable society. The theme for the competition last year was “circular economy,” and the goal was to develop an algorithm, with the help of AI, that optimized a circular system of bags used for shopping for groceries both in-store and online. This initiative was an extension of Axfoundation’s project Returbar.

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