Redefined visual identity and logo for Wallenstam

Wallenstams nya logotyp framtagen av Considägda Paradigm
The real estate company Wallenstam has marked their way through big cities such as Gothenburg and Stockholm for a long time. The last couple of years, they have also started focusing on new types of services, but they needed help to reflect this in their image and asked us for help. Paradigm stepped in and redefined their visual identity as well as the iconic logo – the ant. Read more about it below!

The challenge

Wallenstam is company with a well-known profile. A lot of people have been Wallenstam residents or are right now. In this task, it was important to include their history and recognition but also to reflect the change of the company. It was important to address the visual identity and the ant with great respect.

The solution

Paradigm made an examination of the brand platform and together with Wallenstam they clarified certain key words and values. Based on these key words, various proposals of logos, color palettes and fonts were developed. After a selection process, with great consensus, the customer chose the elegant ant in combination with “Wallenstam” or just a “W”. They also chose a color palette with deeper colors and accent colors.

The result

The familiar ant remains in the logo but with a more modern, sophisticated and energetic expression. The ant, which is drawn in a cohesive line, also better reflects the sense of forward movement and creative spirit that characterises Wallenstam today. Likewise, the new color palette captures both the width of Wallenstam’s offering, from the exclusive and classic to the natural, and also the feeling of a vibrant city. The reception of the new visual identity has been positive, both within the brand and from the public.

About Wallenstam

Wallenstam builds, develops and manages properties primarily in Stockholm and Gothenburg. In close cooperation with the city, they work to create safe places and areas where people want to live and work.

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