The seamless experience of Piab’s new partner portal

My Piab partner portal was a supplement to the launch of the initial re-branding of Piab’s website in 2021. Learn more about how we created new digital breaking grounds by developing the new partner portal of Piab.

The challenge

Consid were entrusted with creating a new, user-friendly, data-driven and lead-generating website for Piab. The new website design was inititated in the spring of 2021 and received a heartfelt welcome amongst co-workers, reseller and customers. In connection with the launch, a new need quickly arose – to re-design the partner portal My Piab, as well as the configuration service page for Piab’s products.

The My Piab site aims to simplify flows connected to partnership and business relationships, which is why we followed identical graphical expressions as the rest of Piab’s web for recognition. My Piab includes a built-in lead management to facilitate the flow of leads between Piab and retailers which contributes to easy access of information amongst retailers and partners, such as training and presentation materials, fact search and news bank, as well as case management between Piab and retailers.

The configurator is a service in which the customer customizes a basic product to their needs, and where it’s possible to further request a quote or place an order. We enhanced a more user-friendly, intuitive user flow which in turn linkes to the order flow. We also recieved a request to change the order of the login process – where customer would log in before, instead of after configuration, to further enhance the usability, reduce pain points and avoid cancalation of orders.

The solution

The visual design of My Piab is based on the current graphic guidelines of Piab website and was developed in OPTIMIZELY and integrated with Salesforce via REST-API. By using this method, lead management is easily accessed for Piab’s resellers and partnes who can find all assigned leads directly in My Piab. Further, error-reporting and feedback is also easily found in the system.

In order to keep all information easily accessible in the dealer chain, Piab chose to move their internal educational material to an external platform which is directly accessed from the user´s dashboard on the home page. As Piab’s target group is very familiar with brand, and often has a clear idea of the products and services they are looking for, the search function bar was given a more prominent place on the start page.

A new login feature was created for the configurator where the user is required to login to start the configuration. The configurator was provided a new, customized user interface with built-in Optimizely and Zurb foundation, integrated with the back-end service Tacton. Here, we focused mainly on the user experience. The configuration choises were provided a scroll list, where each product recieved a corresponding 3D model of results of the different configuration selections. During an error, the user recieves an error message explaining the error of the configuration set. We also integrated an option to download CAD files on configuration set, so the customer can communicate these to their engineeers.

Each product were given price and availability information. The configurator was connected to Piab’s business system, where the user, depending on their autorization, has the option to put an item in their shopping cart, checking our or sending quote requests.

The result

“It’s really great to see how Piab, continuously are breaking new digital ground. We find how business, users and tech are woven together to simplify and streamline the user journey in a way that creates value to both end users and operations, states Fredrik Därth, Project manager at Consid Kalmar.

Anette Lantz, Digital Experience Analyst at Piab, is highly satisfied with the collaboration:

“Deadlines for the project was revised multiple times along the way due to changing conditions, where we found Consid very flexible in adapting and re-prioritizing. We consider Consid a long term partner, where we have a dedicated team for these kinds of projects, which we truly appriciate.”

Piab has a visually appealing and user-friendly partner portal, My Piab, which has the same looks and feel like the other parts of Piab’s website.

“It is indeed a 1-1 solution compared to the previous partner portal. Yet, the feedback we have recieved from our partners is that the site is more modern and fresh and that is easily navigated, by seamlessly which between and My Piab. The result is a multisite which will keep on developing.”, says Anette Lantz.

“My Piab streamlines and facilitates lead management for retailers and partners, makes educational material easliy accessible, and includes functions where information gathering and reporting incidents and getting feedback on them is possible. Yet, the most appreciated feature is the new search function, where the search results from My Piab and are now presented.” says Anette Lantz.

“It is a real improvement. Our partners are continually shifting between My Piab and the public pages and doesn’t know how to navigate all information on the site. With the new search feature, our customers can simply find information from both sites.”

About Piab

Piab is evolving automation through progressive gripping, lifting and moving solutions. Piab believe in an automated world where no resources are wasted, and no humans are injured. With an annual turnover of approximately SEK 1.9 billion, more than 900 employees and a global presence in more than 100 countries, Piab helps its customers develop their processes for more efficient operations on a daily basis. Since 2018, Piab has been owned by Patricia Industries, which is part of Investor AB.

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