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We have ensured that Ecophon has a common digital platform that combines information and a customer portal. Read more about the assignment here!

The challenge

Ecophon decided in early 2019 that it was time to update its web solution. In connection with the update, a new digital partner was picked – Consid. Some of the most important requirements for a new digital partner were innovative ways of thinking and working, that you work with the latest technology and someone who challenges old ideas. The project was extensive and was divided into different phases where we are now in the ending of the first phase.

All projects have their challenges, primarily the challenge was not being able to meet and cooperate physically due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But despite this, the work went surprisingly well with the help of Microsoft Teams.

The solution

Phase 1 of the new solution included the integration of a completely new PIM system. The goal of the new update was to make information available in a better way, meet customers in a better way and create a good customer experience. An important part of the work was also to strengthen the brand and be seen digitally in a unified way. Ecophon will initially offer customers a common digital platform that combines information and a customer portal.

The platform chosen for the project to ensure a customer-centric solution of the highest quality was Episerver Commerce Cloud.

The result

Now, thanks to the new solution, you can create sales, continue to build a market and strengthen the brand while giving customers a better experience. The new solution also makes the job for your own editors easier and more productive.

From the start, the collaboration has worked well between the Ecophon team and Consid’s development team. From the beginning, we worked agile and had Ecophon closely involved in the development process. Consid’s UX consultants had already done extensive work in investigating vision, goals, requirements and developing design proposals. This together with a good set-up structure has been a success factor in the project.

With the launch of Ecophon’s new web platform, customer journeys have been linked together in a common solution that requires less maintenance and is experienced more clearly and modern by customers. This is due to the fact that the user interface has been improved and the flows have been reviewed. It now also offers its target groups an easily accessible and inspiring content, better search functions, increased functionality, clearer structure and a higher level of service.

Customers are now experiencing improved functionality, expanded product information and a clearer overall picture of Ecophon. Even the best from the previous solution has been included, improved and implemented on the new website.

The collaboration between Ecophon and Consid continues and is now entering a planning phase of phase two, which will offer completely new opportunities in the sense of functionality and a personalized customer experience.

“It feels both very fun and exciting to be part of Ecophon’s journey and we look forward to a continued successful collaboration”, Orhan Arnautovic at Consid.

About Ecophon

Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic systems that contribute to a good working environment and to human well-being and performance. Ecophon has 800 employees, operations in 14 countries and representatives in another 30 countries worldwide.

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