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When the packaging company Boxon were going to consolidate their business areas and review their total customer offering, part of the strategy was to bring together three existing digital platforms under one website. Three became one with the help of Episerver Commerce Cloud, which led to a digital sales increase of 60% and a conversion increase of 22%.

The challenge

The packaging company Boxon were consolidating their business areas and reviewing their total offering – all to meet customers in a better and more targeted way. A step in strengthening the brand was to be seen together digitally and to be able to offer customers a common digital platform, which combines information, web shop and customer portal.

Prior to the project, Boxon had focused a lot on digital development with, among other things, web shops in the Nordic countries and customer portals for customers with subcontractors. At the same time as the interest and need among customers has grown, the development from Boxon has taken place at a rapid pace. However, in various portals, which eventually became unsustainable.

It was time to complete digital consolidation – three would become one.

The solution

The platform chosen for the project, in order to best consolidate the three previous platforms into one, was Episerver and EpiCommerce.

Fredrik Lethin, CMO at Boxon, about the solution and the collaboration:

– The collaboration with Consid has worked very well. We believe in the solution and we see a long-term development both with Consid and with Episerver. Many of our customers already place their orders digitally today, and now we can offer customers an even better solution and a better order flow through one channel.

Project manager from Consid has been Maya Ljungblad, who together with a dedicated Consid team drove the project despite tight deadlines and many challenges.

– It has been an intense but very fun project. We had a tough challenge ahead of us when we started in March, but through a fantastic collaboration both within the entire team but also with Boxon, we have landed in a solution that we believe will take the customer experience to the next level, Maya says.

The result

With the launch of Boxon’s new web platform, customer journeys are linked together in a common digital solution that has replaced several different customer surfaces that previously required a lot of Boxon to maintain. It was also perceived as unclear among customers. The user interface has been improved and the flows have been reviewed.

Customers who previously shopped online at Boxon are now experiencing improved functionality, expanded product information, a more efficient order flow and a clearer overall picture of Boxon. The good parts from previous solutions have been picked out, improved and implemented on the new website.

The new website, which for Sweden goes by the name, has replaced the previous website, the webshop and the customer portal Mina Sidor. The same setup and concept applies to Denmark and Norway. At the launch, there was also a new Finnish and an English website, but without an online shop. The solution has now been rolled out in several parts of Europe where Boxon is present.

A few months after launch, the results were a huge success. Boxon now had more than 2,300 registered companies on the website and a growth of 60% compared to the previous year. In addition, the conversion has increased by as much as 22%.

– We have succeeded with the ambition to gather our entire offer in one place, which we now see the result of. Consid is a competent partner who not only codes but also has an understanding of the business and comes up with concrete improvement proposals. We are very pleased with the choice of Consid as a supplier and look forward developing and achieving new goals together, Fredrik Lethin, CMO at Boxon says.

The collaboration between Boxon and Consid continues and the goal is to launch in at least three new markets and to reach sales of at least 190 million SEK online. Now a new global and tailored customer portal has also been launched.

Boxons nya Episserver-webb utvecklad av Consid

We believe in the solution and we see a long-term development both with Consid and with Episerver.

Fredrik Lethin, CMO Boxon

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