Blodlänk hemsida, mockup dator mobil och surfplatta
Blodlänk wanted to facilitate cooperation between Sweden's blood centers and blood stores. We got to work with Blodkommunikation Sverige and help them develop a new and social intranet. Take a look!


Sweden is self-supporting when it comes to blood, but the distribution is sometimes uneven. This means that there is a risk of blood deficiency, often in bigger cities where the high specialized care is available. In the event of a shortage, the blood centers help each other. However, it requires a communication platform with high availability and cooperation. 

We were asked to develop an intranet in SiteVision where all employees at Sweden’s blood centers could easily find information, collaborate and exchange experiences and knowledge. The intranet would also open up the opportunity for employees to see status of blood layers and making exchanging of blood bags possible. 


We delivered a total solution; everything from idea and concept to design and finished product, but also project management support and training.

The solution was developed in SiteVision with Social Collaboration. Social Collaboration gives the blood centers a social intranet where they can create groups for collaboration and make knowledge exchanges. At the same time, SiteVision’s CMS functionality remains basic and is used to manage more traditional information on the intranet, such as news, information texts and manuals.

The intranet also has an integration that shows available blood supply in Sweden by blood group and it offers the opportunity to see the blood supply in a specific area.

With SiteVision’s standard functionality, we have also been able to build a solution that makes it possible to move blood to where it’s needed. The blood centers around the country can now easily say if they have a surplus or deficit of a blood group in order to keep a safe distribution across the country.

The entire intranet and its content are searchable via a powerful integrated search engine and are safely operated in SiteVision Cloud at two geographically separate data centers in Sweden with the highest level of security, 24/7 monitoring and incredible scalability.


We delivered an intranet with a strong focus on simplicity and accessibility, which opens up new opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration as well as a better platform for communication and information.

The intranet has led to fewer phone calls and a more efficient way for employees at Sweden’s blood centers to communicate and cooperate with each other.

Blod i påse som scannas av vårdpersonal

The team at Consid have made us feel that we are in safe hands. They have understood our needs and have delivered a tool adapted for us and our business.

Malin Joelsson, Project Manager Blood Link, Blood Communication Sweden.

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