Meet Marcuz Larsen

Senior Frontend Developer in Copenhagen

Marcuz Larsen
The team at Consid in Copenhagen is rapidly growing at rocket speed. One of the people involved in establishing our first office in Denmark is Marcuz Larsen. We sat down with Marcuz, our new Senior Frontend Developer, to get to know him and how he will contribute to our journey to next level in Denmark.

Highly experienced Frontend developer joins Consid in Copenhagen

Hi Marcuz – you are the new Senior Frontend Developer at Consid in Copenhagen. A warm welcome! We are curious to get to know you better. Who is Marcuz?

– I am an outspoken person, but at the same time I am an introverted 32-year-old guy. People in the office already call me a legend – thank you Lukas! I always try to stay grounded, humble, and want to make sure those around me are doing well. My brain is always running at high gear, and I always have a business idea or programming project going on. I would consider myself being ambitious, driven, and focused on becoming the “best in class.” My close family, friends, and colleagues would say that I talk too much, which is probably due to my many thoughts that need to be expressed – or simply just a trait I have inherited from my mother, Marcus says.

We are so excited to have you on our journey in Copenhagen, Marcuz! What attracted you to Consid as an employer and workplace?

– My entry point to Consid was through Carl Hagberg. He is a close friend of mine and my former boss from the travel industry. He introduced me to Consid in Sweden and the upcoming journey here in Copenhagen. Besides Carl the reason for choosing Consid is that I believe in team-work, people, and results. Additionally, I was trapped in a full-time position where I felt that my progress had reached a standstill.

Consid has had a rocket start here in Copenhagen. What are you most looking forward to as a part of the journey?

– I am especially looking forward to the growth, success, and to contribute to establish Consid’s culture in Denmark.

And as a Senior Frontend Developer - what do you want to develop and what software do you develop in?

– Mainly, I use JavaScript and all the frameworks it offers – React, Vue, Angular, React-Native and NodeJS. Right now, React, React-Native and NodeJS are the frameworks I currently work with and have been working with over the past 6 years. I am particularly interested in programming wow-experiences with complex gesture events and animations for web and applications. I would enjoy continuing to enhance the user experience in the financial sector through applications and websites – to be honest there is so much clutter out there.

Curious about Consid and our open positions in Copenhagen? Have a look at our office in Copenhagen – and join us on our journey to next level. Together – towards a digital future.

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