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Learn more about our unique culture that circles around entrepreneurship, commitment and effect.

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A unique culture that gives us direction

To create the company we have always dreamed of, we need an ongoing development process. It gives us the direction we want to go. You may be wondering how we proceed? Read more.

We build the company we have always wanted to work for and which quality-conscious customers want to work with.

Our motto

We are Consid

There is no Consid without our fantastic, ambitious and committed employees. Together, we have made an incredible journey from the miles-wide forests outside Vetlanda to being 1600 magical colleagues in 42 locations around Europe. We are completely dependent on our employees thriving and developing, so that we as a company can take the next step towards being a pioneer in our industry and work for a developing, engaging, and healthy work environment.

We operate in an industry that is characterised by rapid change, skill shifts, and complex projects. Even within Consid, entrepreneurship can occasionally take over and put a strain on the work-life balance in the short term. Therefore, it is our responsibility as employers to be extra thorough when preventing poor health and advocating for a long-term healthy work life, based on our great concern for our employees. Even within Consid, entrepreneurship can occasionally take over and the balance between work and leisure becomes suffering in the short term – but the most important thing is that we, together with our employees, work for a long-term healthy working life.

By living by our motto “We build the company we have always wanted to work for and which quality-conscious customers want to work with”, we create conditions to help our customers in the very best way. We want to be a company that always sees solutions, has a positive attitude, shows commitment, and creates a real effect. Our most prominent competitive advantage is our corporate culture – the key factor for shaping our future growth and profitability.

Corporate culture and work environment

The basis of our corporate culture is our code of conduct and our values: entrepreneurship, commitment and effect. The Code of Conduct was last updated in 2019 and is based on principles of working environment and health, human rights, inclusion, working conditions and responsibility for the environment and society. Our code of conduct aims to ensure that there is clarity regarding expectations of our employees and how we treat each other. In our work environment policy, employees find the basic goals for our work environment and how they can contribute.

Initiatives for participation and collaboration

We believe in working together to develop communication paths and initiatives that build a healthy work environment. Our active ethics council discusses issues of ethical nature, provides a whistleblower function, and maintains an updated SAM work. This is a great support for us in our work to detect and prevent ill health, and it also helps us understand which direction our employees would like the company to take. In addition to more traditional environment work, we have taken further steps to ensure a good organisational and social work environment by having HR conversations with all consultants around Sweden. This helps us to capture signals early on, fine-tune our work environment, and find new areas for development.

Get to know our employees

From Paint Store to Digital Innovator

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Portrait of a man with light blue shirt and black short hair posing infront of the camera.
The employees are very important, and here at Consid, we are highly valued. I was also attracted by the opportunity to contribute to shaping Consid's efforts in Embedded.

Samuel Zetterlund

Embedded Developer

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Porträtt på Samuel Zetterlund, Embedded-utvecklare på Consids kontor i Linköping.
Full speed ahead.

Erica Dahlberg

Business Line Manager, Embedded

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Erica Dahlberg, Business Line Manager, Embedded Consid


Building a sustainable future

Building a sustainable future. Read more about Consids sustainability work.

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