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We are one of Värnamo's foremost IT companies, working with some of Sweden's leading companies and organisations. We are your local IT consulting firm in Värnamo with the specialized expertise you need in IT, management, and digital marketing.

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The charming office within the historic button factory

Consid's Värnamo office offers a selection of IT services. From experts in digital transformation, management, and app development to a larger team including UX designers, CRO/SEO experts, and Service Designers, our group of IT consultants covers it all. There is also a local focus on senior .NET developers and a larger team of test leaders and Java developers. Can you deliver top-notch digital solutions from a clothespin factory? Indeed you can – our Värnamo office is living proof of that. The charming office in the old industrial building on Jönköpingsvägen still bears small details that testify to its origins as a button factory that produced clothespins. The historic premises, comprising an attic floor, are located in the heart of Värnamo and leave no one untouched. Here, we have aimed to create a genuine feeling of a warm and welcoming environment where history remains present and where the industrial heritage shines through. Knock on our door, and we'll tell you more!

"We really enjoy our facilities, this is where you want to be, even outside of working hours."

Peter Bäckrud, Regional manager

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Jönköpingsvägen 41A, 331 34 Värnamo

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Peter Bäckrud, kontorschef och vd för Consid W AB

Peter Bäckrud

Kontorschef och VD för Consid W AB


+46 70-370 85 66

Sebastain Schrewelius, affärsutvecklare på Consid

Sebastian Schrewelius



070-863 71 36

Louise Ohlin, Consid.

Louise Ohlin



073-230 00 51

Filip Bäckrud

Filip Bäckrud

Försäljning Värnamo


070-834 93 54

Frida Eklund, HR & Rekrytering på Consid

Frida Eklund

Rekrytering Ljungby, Halmstad & Varberg


073-852 08 93

Oscar Liljegrahn, rekryteringsansvarig på Consid i Jönköping.

Oscar Liljegrahn

HR & Rekrytering


072-171 93 82

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