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We are Jönköping's foremost IT company, working with some of the leading organisations and brands. Our experts deliver the expertise you need in IT, management, and digital marketing. Learn more about our headquarter in Jönköping.

Consid's Jönköping office.
Escalator at Consid's office in JönköpingA corridor of the Consid office in JönköpingThe lunch area of the Consid office in Jönkping
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Consid’s Jönköping office offers all kinds of IT services. Everything from experts in digital transformation, management, app development to a larger unit of UXers, CRO/SEO experts and Service Designers are included in our group of IT consultants. There is also a local weight in senior .NET developers as well as a larger group of test leads and Java developers. We develop digital solutions for all industries. Here we house 1,500+ square meters and proudly dare to say that we have the nicest office in town. Something we don’t seem to be alone in thinking, as every other passerby turns their head and exclaims: “Wow, is this a hotel?”.

Consid's office in Jönköping.

Before we took over, there was a sports shop that housed the premises, something that becomes apparent when you step through the automatic doors and see the long escalators up to the second floor. But that’s also where the sports references stop. Now the premises have been converted into an extraordinary office, with several practical conference rooms, plenty of space for community, an open office landscape and interior details that go the extra mile. “Wow, what a luxurious champagne bar!”, “Can I have a look inside? It looks so nice in here.” Well, let’s just say that the questions about our spectacular headquarters in Jönköping are many. It’s everything from the man out walking the dog to the gang of youths who turn around in amazement when they pass the window to view the beautifully decorated downstairs asking the question – how can this be an office? Sometimes we wonder the same, but then we realize that we are not an ordinary company, with an ordinary office, but that we skip the box and do the little extra, even when it comes to the premises.


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Lillsjöraden 22, 553 20 Jönköping, Sweden

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Magnus Norén, Office Manager Consid Jönköping

Magnus Norén

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Oscar Liljegrahn, HR & Recruitment at Consid Jönköping.

Oscar Liljegrahn

HR & Recruitment


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