Tm8s – pioneering tool for collaboration in health, social services and education

Edwoak Life Science aims to revolutionize the fields of health, care, and welfare through their digital tool, tm8s. The purpose is to gather individual’s information and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders in areas such as healthcare, social services, and education. With a capital investment of three million, the development work is now entering its next phase.

The founders of the health technology company, Edwoak Life Science, namely Jessica Ek and Johan Edwartz, are on the verge of transforming the management of information in the realms of health, care, and welfare. Jessica Ek, a social psychologist and behavioral scientist with extensive experience in health, care, and welfare, and Johan Edwartz, with a background in streamlining and programming within the automotive industry, have jointly developed the foundation of the digital tool tm8s, also known as “teammates”. Tm8s is designed to facilitate collaboration among various stakeholders in healthcare, social services, education, as well as other entities such as government authorities and employers, aiming to enhance joint planning alongside the individual.

– We are committed to making a real difference. Our motivation is to contribute to improving the quality of life for individuals in need of care and to enhance the working conditions for the personnel involved, says Johan Edwartz.

Tm8s enables a person-centric and tailored approach, providing individuals with a level of involvement that goes far beyond the current norms. By adapting interventions to the individual’s specific needs and ensuring all involved stakeholders have access to the necessary information, the goal is to create a more efficient framework for collaborative planning and communication. The outcome is a more effective utilization of welfare resources and increased influence and participation for individuals in matters related to health, care, and welfare.

Tech and communications company, Consid, has been entrusted with the task of building the planning and communication platform, tm8s. This undertaking encompasses expertise in areas ranging from architecture, user experience (UX), front-end, and back-end, with Consid providing consultants in all these domains.

– We are thrilled and excited to have earned the trust to assist Johan and Jessica on their journey to revolutionize health, care, and welfare. It is especially gratifying for us at Consid to have been involved since the beginning and, in collaboration with Johan and Jessica, create a solution that truly makes a difference, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

As the proportion of elderly individuals in the population continues to grow, and the demand for care increases, coupled with the ongoing challenge of finding adequate healthcare professionals, Johan Edwartz and Jessica Ek emphasize the necessity of streamlining processes. A pivotal aspect of their work is to provide individuals with personalized assistance rather than subjecting them to a generalized system. This approach will lead to a more efficient utilization of welfare resources, ensuring that individuals receive the appropriate interventions from the relevant organizations, at the right level, and at the right time.

– For instance, an increasing number of elderly individuals require close home care. This involves coordinating efforts from regional healthcare services, municipal healthcare services, home assistance, rehabilitation, and other support services around the individual. Currently, crucial information is scattered and inaccessible among different stakeholders, making such collaboration difficult and inefficient. Our aim is to improve this situation, explains Jessica Ek.

Edwoak Life Science AB was established in 2022. With a three-million-pound capital investment from Skaraborg Invest, A&T in Grästorp, and private investors, the continued work to launch tm8s in the market is now underway. Consid’s involvement began in May and will continue throughout 2023.

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