The cyber war is already at our doorstep

Cyber warfare plays a crucial role in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and its consequences extend far beyond the borders of both countries. Dr. Yegor Aushev, CEO of CyberUnit and also the head of cybersecurity defense in Ukraine, created an online army at the beginning of the war to defend his homeland.

– I aim to share our valuable experiences with a broader audience and demonstrate that collaborative efforts across national borders are readily welcomed. Cyber warfare transcends geographical boundaries and consequently affects all nations, expressed Yegor Aushev, cybersecurity adviser to the Ukrainian government.

In response to the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine, Yegor Aushev took the initiative to form an online army, mobilizing its resources to defend the nation. Through the utilization of online platforms, this global army swiftly expanded within a matter of days, encompassing thousands of cyber soldiers.

– Although I lack proficiency in traditional weaponry, my commitment to defending my homeland remained steadfast. Aware that there were others who shared my sentiments, I posted messages across various internet forums, encouraging individuals without firearms or combat training to engage in the cyber realm, he stated.

Yegor Aushev got the permission to leave Ukraina to attend the Almedal week in Visby, Gotland. As Consid’s guest he participated in a seminar together with Björn Fägersten, security expert at the Swedish institute of International Affairs.

Distinguishing Ukraine from many other countries impacted by hostile acts of aggression, Yegor Aushev attributed the nation’s uninterrupted internet connectivity to its comprehensive programs educating the populace in cybersecurity, which has been prioritized within the realm of national defense.

– It is unrealistic to expect any nation to unilaterally shield its entire population from an assailant like Russia, who may attempt to sever internet connectivity, disrupt electrical systems, or undermine power supplies. The collective endeavor involves instilling knowledge of effective countermeasures against cyber intrusions within every organization, family, and individual. While the government and defense apparatus play crucial roles, it is imperative that we all comprehend the gravity of safeguarding our personal devices, he expounded.

Björn Fägersten, concurred with Yegor Aushev regarding the paramount significance of realizing that cyber warfare is a matter that concerns the entire population and impinges upon all.

– The ramifications of the cyber war between Ukraine and Russia reverberate across Europe, considerably impacting nations with close ties to Ukraine, including Poland, Moldova, and even Sweden. The cyber war is already at our doorstep, remarked Björn Fägersten.

Yegor Aushev shed light on instances where the digital devices of ordinary Swedish citizens were exploited by Russia in their attacks against Ukraine.

– We detected a substantial number of DDoS attacks, and upon investigation, discovered that several IP addresses originated from Sweden. Presumably, IT devices connected to the internet had been compromised and subsequently leveraged by Russia, elucidated Yegor Aushev.

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