Skövde News: Children Invited to Egg Hunt in Kyrkparken

The Skövde News publication is drawing attention to the Easter egg hunt organized by Consid, which will take place in 30 cities throughout Sweden on April 5th. Hidden inside the eggs are Roblox gift cards worth a total of 225,000 Robux, and Consid has pledged to donate a gift to those affected by the earthquake disaster through its partner, War Child, for every egg discovered.

The IT company Consid is organizing an egg hunt in Kyrkparken to celebrate Easter. For those clever enough to find one of the hidden eggs, they may discover candy and Roblox gift cards. According to the company’s recruiter, Jacob Isaksson, the hunt is a recurring event for the company, but this is the first time it will take place here in Skövde.

– We’re new here in Skövde, so this is an opportunity to come out and be seen a bit, Isaksson said.

The main purpose of the hunt is to give children something fun to do around Easter.

– What we primarily want is for children to come out and have fun, Isaksson said.

But they will also donate money to charity for each egg found, according to Isaksson.

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