Peter Hellgren to serve as expert judge for Perfect Pitch event

On the last day of May, Perfect Pitch will be held in Jönköping where eight companies will have the chance to pitch their ideas to an expert jury in five minutes, which includes Peter Hellgren.

– It is a fantastic initiative that I am very happy to be a part of. If I can contribute with the knowledge that I have gained during Consid’s journey to where we are today, then I really want to do that, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

Jönköpings Posten reports on the event and the importance of supporting export companies in the region to grow. “To enable more export companies in the region to grow, they need to become better at selling their ideas to customers, partners, and investors,” the article states. Therefore, Perfect Pitch is being arranged, where eight companies will have the opportunity to test their abilities in front of an expert jury.

– We hope the jury will be honest with the companies, but it is not the intention to tear them down, says Hanna Fransson from the organizer Almi. Regional export cooperation is a collaboration between several actors in the county, including Almi, with the common goal of strengthening local export companies.

One way to reach out is by arranging various events, such as Perfect Pitch at Spira, where an expert jury will evaluate how well companies are at selling their business ideas. The goal is simply to sharpen the local companies’ ability to succeed with their businesses, whether it’s finding investors, partners, or customers.

The jury that will evaluate this consists of Lovisa Hamrin, Andreas Carlsson, Elinor Falkman, and Peter Hellgren. Hanna Fransson is an international business advisor at Almi in Jönköping and one of those responsible for the event on May 31st.

– All companies in the county can apply, and then an application process will select eight companies that will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the jury, she says.

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