NWT: New mentorship program aims to attract women and non-binary individuals to the IT industry

In an interview published in NWT, Ann Svalling, a mentor at Q Mentoria, sheds light on Consid’s mentorship program for women and non-binary individuals. During the interview, Ann Svalling shares her experiences as a mentor and highlights the significance of inspiring others.

The scarcity of women and non-binary individuals in the IT and tech industries is a grave concern.

To counter this issue, Consid has initiated various efforts to attract more individuals towards the industry, including mentorship programs.

Ann Svalling, who serves as a mentor at Consid in Karlstad, asserts:

– It is gratifying to impart knowledge and concurrently listen to another woman, comprehend her situation and the aspirations she harbors.

Ann Svalling
Ann Svalling

Despite the ongoing skills gap, the IT and tech sectors remain predominantly male-dominated, with women accounting for a mere 30% of the total workforce.

Earlier this year, Consid launched a cost-free gender-equality platform, Q by Consid, which, among other offerings, features a mentorship program. The program aims to facilitate exploration of all facets of the IT industry by women and non-binary individuals from high school and beyond, in addition to serving as a source of motivation and inspiration.

Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid, elaborates on Q Mentoria’s objectives in a press release, stating:

– The lack of diversity in the IT industry is a long-standing problem, and it is incumbent on us all to strive towards a more inclusive industry. Q Mentoria intends to provide individuals with opportunities to learn about careers in IT while also gaining insights and inspiration from experienced professionals in the industry.

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