New Power Duo to Drive Digitalization and Gender Equality in Trollhättan

Anna Kaiser and Viktoria Johansson are taking over the leadership of Consid’s office in Trollhättan with the aim of driving digital transformation and inclusion forward. Their extensive experience and complementary skills in HR, technology, and leadership will be utilized to create a successful and gender-equal work environment. Based in Trollhättan, they are ready to inspire other women to enter the IT industry and shape the future of the city.

– We strongly believe in Trollhättan as a location and want to create a local meeting place for the city’s residents, students, businesses, society, customers, and, most importantly, our employees. Trollhättan is a proud city with ambitions. The municipality actively works to find opportunities for entrepreneurship, and naturally, we want to become the local digital partner in the city that everyone turns to, says Viktoria Johansson.

Consid, one of the fastest-growing IT and communications companies in the Nordic region, established its presence in Trollhättan in February 2022. One of the main reasons for choosing Trollhättan was the city’s close collaboration with the business community and academia. Since then, Consid has become a reliable high-end partner in the city, with its office and client base growing rapidly. Now, Victoria Johansson and Anna Kaiser are taking the helm to continue driving the journey of development forward.

Both Viktoria Johansson and Anna Kaiser have long careers behind them, having worked in several different companies in various roles. Anna has extensive experience in HR, recruitment in the consulting industry, and a passionate interest in employer branding. Viktoria, on the other hand, has a background as a leader in the technology industry, both as a project manager and a manager with full responsibility for personnel, operations, and budget.

– We complement each other very well. There are many similarities in that we are both driven, goal-oriented, have a lot of energy, and want to move forward. But then we differ in our different areas of expertise and experiences, which is only positive, says Anna Kaiser.

Together, they will now assume the role of office managers for Consid in Trollhättan and drive the city’s “digital transformation” forward. They aim for this development to be based on inclusion, innovation, and with employees at the center.

– We want to seize the opportunities and capacity available to achieve success for our clients and ourselves. We are humble in the face of the challenge that new establishments pose, and we must not be afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to work. It is important to sense the drive and desire among our employees, and there is currently a great deal of creativity among the staff, which is really exciting with all the different initiatives that are emerging, says Anna Kaiser.

The duo describes Trollhättan as a city of opportunities. In addition to companies and public institutions, the University of West Sweden is located here, offering several IT programs. The business sector has a wide range and a strong foundation in industry and high technology. Energy and environmental technology, film and media, e-commerce companies, and many new businesses want to establish themselves in the city. They have both perceived a need to drive local digital development. In that need, there is a great opportunity to further develop the business and Trollhättan.

– There are incredible opportunities for us to establish good, healthy, and long-term relationships with many different companies. Consid currently maintains a good balance between private and public sectors with a 50/50 ratio, which we also hope to achieve locally, says Anna Kaiser.

In addition to creating new customer contacts and driving the development work forward in the city, both Anna Kaiser and Viktoria Johansson place great importance on sustainability and inclusion. Digitalization today affects the entire infrastructure of society and is a crucial

part of shaping the world of the future. At the same time, the IT industry currently consists of less than 30 percent women, and few women hold leadership positions. This is something they want to change in Trollhättan.

– We are aware of the gender imbalance in the industry at large when it comes to gender equality. We like to aim high and exceed the industry’s average of 30 percent female representation in our office. We hope to inspire other girls to venture into the industry and act as role models. Thanks to Consid’s leading position on these issues, we have good support along the way, says Viktoria Johansson.

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