Long-Term Collaboration Reforms – Consid Strengthens Its Position in RPA

IT companies Consid and Best Solutions have had a longstanding collaboration. Stemming from digital colleagues, the partnership continues but in a modified form where Consid takes over the process while Best Solutions focuses on licenses and financing.

Martin Edström, CEO of Best Solutions, and Peter Elgåker, Regional Manager for Consid Syd.

– The collaboration has worked well for many years; we are accustomed to each other’s ways of acting and thinking. The new division will be beneficial for both us and Best Solutions as well as the end customer and user, says Peter Elgåker, regional manager for Consid South.

Historically, the Helsingborg-based company Best Solutions has handled the sales of Robotic Process Automation solutions while Consid has served as a development partner and subcontractor, responsible for designing and implementing the sold solutions. But now, Consid is taking the lead role in the collaboration and will take over both further development and management of existing customers, as well as the sales of new solutions.

Under the new arrangement, Consid will be in the driver’s seat, while Best Solutions will focus on providing licenses and financing solutions to the end customer. This initiative aims to increase efficiency and coordination in the delivery of RPA solutions and create a more seamless experience for customers.

So, what is RPA?

– In simple terms, RPA is a digital assistant or digital colleague. It performs tasks similar to a human colleague, in the same interface and system, but with the advantage of being faster and available 24/7. RPA never gets sick, needs no vacation, and makes no manual errors, says Peter Elgåker.

Robotic Process Automation is particularly suitable for time-consuming administrative tasks such as finance, HR, Supply Chain, and IT systems. A well-integrated and planned implementation of RPA is estimated to save over half of the daily work time spent on administration, allowing employees to focus on tasks that create real value. The value for companies with RPA solutions is evident, especially in the demand for the service. Just in the past four years, demand has increased by nearly 60%, and this is just the beginning.

– If there are time-consuming processes performed regularly, there are also time and money to be saved. Today, it is estimated that at least 60% of daily manual administration can be automated, says Martin Edström, CEO of Best Solutions.

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