Innovation guru recruited to Consid

Innovation expert Magnus Osbeck is recruited to the IT and communications company Consid. Magnus Osbeck previously worked as Head of Innovation and Digital Strategy at one of Sweden’s biggest convenience stores, Coop. At Consid, he will apply “firm innovation” to the new Business Line management.

– At Consid, there is an excellent and deep knowledge of technology, which is why I chose to work here. I can contribute with business understanding to enrich more classic IT projects, says Magnus Osbeck.

Magnus Osbeck has worked with innovation, product, and service development for several major brands, including Coop and Stena Line.

– Coop has a clear strategy for how they want to become the most sustainable alternative for grocery shopping. Therefore, we built a sustainability declaration – a service for Coop’s customers where they can scan products in-store to see each product’s sustainability footprint. We also developed Scan and Pay app to facilitate members’ daily life. Our role was to transform the company’s strategy into digital solutions. This is how I will work with Consid’s customers from now on, says Magnus Osbeck.

At Consid, Magnus Osbeck’s experience in innovation and digital business development will act as a bridge between Consid’s offerings in; brand strategy, Customer Experience, and Analytics.

– We can develop a plan with the customer and help the customer execute the program on a technical level. What interests me the most is being part of the customer’s digitalization journey, explains Magnus Osbeck.​​​​

Magnus Osbeck also has a solid experience as an entrepreneur in tech startups and works hands-on withproduct development and programming. Magnus Osbeck wants to create conditions for others to be passionate about the same things as him.

– The common denominator has always been working innovatively with the latest technologies and convertingthem into value through companies and services. Technology is not just technology; if you take an interest in the company and the importance of the customer, technology can be something that creates new opportunities. The bridge in between drives me, and it is usually where innovation and creativity emerge, says Magnus Osbeck.

A big reason why Magnus Osbeck chose to continue his professional career at Consid is the company’s deep understanding of technology. But also the company’s good reputation and rapid development.

– Consid has been named Sweden’s best employer, which is fantastic! I have also asked around who is the best in the industry at delivering IT and technology solutions, and many people than mentioned Consid says,Magnus Osbeck.

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