Consid´s Gustav Söderström: Propelling Nyköping Towards a Tech-Driven Future

It has been almost five years since the IT and communications company Consid established itself in Nyköping. Today, 23 employees work at Consid’s local office, and since its establishment, the company has become an integral part of the local business community. Now, Gustav Söderström is taking over as the local manager in Nyköping with the aim of strengthening Consid’s presence in the local market and addressing the skills shortage in the industry.

Consid in Nyköping. An office landscape with glazed rooms and a lift
The Consid office in Nyköping.
Gustav Söderström

– It feels incredibly gratifying to take on the role of the local manager for Consid Nyköping and to continue working to make Consid an excellent employer and workplace where everyone in the office thrives and develops, says Gustav Söderström.

Gustav Söderström has an extensive career behind him, having previously worked at SSAB in various roles closely tied to marketing, business, and strategy development. His previous work ranged from launching operations abroad to serving as the product owner for CRM systems.

In 2021, Gustav Söderström made the decision to completely change the course of his career and thus joined Consid, where he began working as a Team Leader and Consultant Manager.

– I am very happy and proud that I had the courage to leave my previous career path for new opportunities at Consid. I am driven by development, the opportunity to contribute to organizations, people, and clients, says Gustav Söderström.

As the local manager, Gustav Söderström’s primary goal is to continue developing Consid locally with more employees and strengthen the local market, both with existing and new clients.

– I see significant potential in developing and expanding our business in the Nyköping hometown market. We have the opportunity to offer an alternative to those who currently commute from Nyköping to Stockholm and instead provide interesting assignments in their hometown, says Gustav Söderström.

A major challenge facing the entire IT industry is the current skills shortage. A survey conducted by IT & Telecom Companies indicates that by 2024, there will be an estimated shortage of 70,000 people in the tech sector. Addressing the skills shortage is another task that Gustav Söderström wants to actively work on in Nyköping.

– One of the significant issues for us is the skills shortage. We need to continue actively working to address it. Consid Nyköping will, in the future, be involved in the local training programs, for example, by offering internship opportunities, and in the longer term, we hope to start trainee positions within Consid’s Next Level Academy trainee program,  says Gustav Söderström.

Gustav Söderström describes the keys to achieving his goals as relatively simple:

– I believe that with a positive attitude and clear objectives, you create the drive, energy, and commitment that, in turn, leads to excellent results.

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Consid in Nyköping. An office landscape with glazed rooms and a lift


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