Efficient sustainability efforts enable Consid to share in 300 million

Consid is one of the companies selected when the Agency for Digital Government, DIGG, recently procured IT services. The framework agreement, with a total value of 300 million SEK, spans over two plus one years and covers roles such as project managers, IT architects, developers, business developers, customer service workers, investigators, IT security specialists, analysts, web accessibility experts, requirements gatherers, and open data professionals.

According to Computer Sweden, 104 companies applied to submit bids. By the bid opening on February 6th, 88 bids had been received. DIGG subsequently chose to disqualify seven of the bids as they lacked documented work on environmental issues. In addition to environmental and clean competence requirements, the agency also incorporated questions related to gender equality, gender awareness, working environment, and employment conditions in the procurement process.

– Sustainability is now a hygiene factor. At Consid, we have an advantage over other IT companies because we have systematically worked to strengthen our sustainability efforts. As one of the largest and fastest-growing IT companies in the Nordic region, we have a responsibility to lead the way in sustainability and green transition, says Nathalie Besèr, Sustainability Manager at Consid.

Nathalie Besèr, Communications Manager Consid
Nathalie Besèr, Communications Manager Consid

Nathalie Besèr also appreciates that DIGG considered gender and equality as important factors.

– The industry as a whole has a long way to go to achieve gender equality. As it stands now, it’s an important issue, but it’s far from solved. At Consid, we work daily to attract more women and non-binary individuals to take an interest in IT and tech, primarily through our project Q by Consid. For the industry’s future viability, it’s equally important as sustainability, but it requires more people to acknowledge the problems and take action.

In total, 81 companies have been awarded framework agreements by DIGG.

Read the full article on Computer Sweden here.

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