Debate: Companies’ responsibilities increase in a crisis

The recent turbulent economy has caused significant damage. We see it within ourselves, among customers, competitors, and individuals – everywhere.

If there was anything the pandemic taught us, it was to persevere and endure, and we believe that mindset applies now as well, here at Consid.

Consid was founded in the aftermath of the dot-com bubble, a tough time for the IT industry, some might say. However, our founders saw it as an opportunity and embarked on a successful journey that has taken us to the top of the Swedish IT pyramid. We have all heard the cliché that the word for “crisis” is the same as “opportunity” in Japanese. Sure, it’s hard work, dull, and all that – but we still want to advocate for “kiki.”

So, in the year 2000, Consid saw the light, and in 2008, the entire financial world crashed, but we hit the accelerator. Since then, we have enjoyed mostly good years, which have provided a stable platform to stand on. And here we are now, post-pandemic but in the midst of a full-scale war not far from us, with an economic downturn around the corner.

We have always felt a societal responsibility in what we do. Yes, Consid is a profit-driven company, but that cannot and should not be the whole picture. As a privately owned company, instead of answering to shareholders and a board of directors, we can demonstrate responsibility towards our employees and the society in which we operate. What kind of society do we want? What values do we want to signal?

Per Thulemark, Consid Borlänge


It’s not all about profit. In the current situation that we and the rest of the business community in Dalarna find ourselves in, we don’t see it as a crisis – it’s an opportunity. Kiki. Yes, we have parts of our staff who are not fully occupied – perfect, we can invest in their skills development to come out of this low period with a stronger workforce than we entered it with. There is no reason to lay off employees. It’s an opportunity to take social responsibility and develop the company. That’s how we build a stronger society, sustainable business practices, and long-term success in our operations.

Per Thulemark, Office Manager, Consid Borlänge

Peter Hellgren, CEO, Consid

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