Consid’s Homecoming Campaign Gains Large Media Attention

peter hellgren
Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid.

Consid’s campaign to attract skilled IT professionals to its 40 offices across the country has garnered significant media coverage in recent days. Breakit was the first to report on the campaign, closely followed by outlets such as Jnytt and Jönköpingsposten.

“Urbanization, the phenomenon of people flocking to major cities, has been an enduring trend since the advent of industrialization in the 19th century. This has led to smaller towns dwindling while metropolises like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö have grown increasingly congested. However, with the onset of digitalization, there is hope for a reversal of this trend. While this shift has yet to fully materialize, perhaps tech company Consid’s initiative could contribute,” reports Breakit.

In an interview with Jnytt, Consid’s CEO Peter Hellgren emphasizes the importance of distributing expertise across the entire country. IT is neither exclusive to nor should it be limited to metropolitan areas – a stance Consid exemplifies with its presence across 40 offices dispersed throughout Sweden.

– We aim to encourage, disseminate, and enhance the influx of skills to smaller locales. In today’s digital climate, we are not confined to larger cities, and we have the opportunity to cultivate this culture, Peter Hellgren asserts to Jnytt.

The pandemic marked a significant shift in how we approach our work. Remote work empowered employees to choose their work location, reducing the necessity of being tied to a specific place, explains Peter Hellgren.

– Considerable changes have occurred. Clientele are more accepting of this approach, and in turn, we wish to support our colleagues by being an appealing employer and providing expansion opportunities. We strive to support our team members, he affirms to Jnytt.

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