Consid’s CEO Peter Hellgren honored with a star

Consid’s CEO and co-founder, Peter Hellgren, is being celebrated in his hometown of Vetlanda, Sweden with a star on the municipality’s Honours Place. Hellgren becomes the sixth entrepreneur to receive this award.

– I was truly overwhelmed but very, very happy. I grew up in Vetlanda and it’s a place that still means a lot to me. We founded Consid here, so Vetlanda is part of our success story, says Peter Hellgren.

The motivation for the honorary award reads:

“A leader and entrepreneur who, with innovative thinking and enormous drive, has taken the IT industry in Sweden by storm. Peter Hellgren was born and raised in Vetlanda and it was here that he, in 2000, co-founded the IT consulting company Consid, a company that today has its headquarters in Jönköping and where he serves as CEO. Consid now has over 1700 employees and operations in several countries. In 2016, Peter Hellgren was named ‘CEO of the Year,’ a highly prestigious award that demonstrates that entrepreneurship and leadership can thrive in Vetlanda municipality. Peter Hellgren is also an active lecturer and a recognized expert in digitization and business development.”

Both Vetlanda-Posten and Swedish Radio have reported on the Consid founder’s star.

Vetlanda-Posten writes:

“His success story with the company has probably not gone unnoticed and he has received numerous awards for the rapidly growing business. The IT consulting company is now present in several countries.”

– All the awards we have received over the years – every Gazelle company, Employer of the Year, and all such awards – are the result of all the fantastic employees we have at Consid. They have an extremely large part in the success we have had in the last 23 years, says Peter Hellgren.

Peter Hellgren receives his honorary award at the same time as the late furniture designer and entrepreneur Karl-Erik Ekselius.

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