Consid’s CEO in big Feature in Jönköpingsposten: ‘Giant Company in Jönköping Continues to Accelerate’

Recently, Consid announced a new contract win with the Riksbank. In an interview with Jönköpingsposten, Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid, discusses the company's advantageous position in the ongoing economic downturn, the challenges of recruitment in the industry, and the company's major investments in 2024.

Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

– Gaining renewed trust means a lot, he says about the deal with the Riksbank.

In the article, Peter Hellgren talks, among other things, about the company’s favorable position in a challenging economic environment.

– Having many clients in the public sector during an economic downturn can be advantageous, providing stability and predictability, as the public sector is usually less affected by economic fluctuations than the private sector.

Like the industry at large, Consid grapples with recruitment challenges. In the interview with Jönköpingsposten, Peter Hellgren discusses how the shortage of embedded developers is currently the biggest obstacle for the company.

– We need a lot of skilled consultants, primarily in the field called embedded. Currently, we have to decline assignments because there is a shortage of these developers. We also need to make sure we recruit the absolute best in the field of AI. Currently, we have more inquiries than we have people, but I feel very confident that our strong HR department is keeping pace with demand.

At the same time, Consid has secured a series of lucrative and significant contracts recently, with the Riksbank being one of them. He highlights two areas that will be incredibly important in 2024: AI and IT security.

– We want to be a reliable partner and develop both innovative solutions and more efficient organizations. Being at the forefront will be more crucial than ever, especially considering the ongoing AI revolution. However, it also involves a great deal of focus on IT security.’

Read the full article here.

Consid Secures New Contract with the Central Bank of Sweden

In recent days, the IT company Consid has successfully secured a new significant contract with the Central Bank. The agreement encompasses management, further development, and innovation related to specific IT systems developed in-house by the Central Bank of Sweden.
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