Consid wins procurement contract with Riksbank

Consid has won a procurement with Riksbanken. The agreement is valid for four years with a possibility of extension and covers, among other things, management, development, and support of the authority’s external website and intranet.

– We are delighted that Riksbanken has chosen Consid as the sole supplier for this assignment. Riksbanken sets high demands for both competence and innovation, which we will ensure to live up to, said Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

Riksbanken is Sweden’s central bank and operates under the parliament with responsibility for the country’s monetary policy. The IT and communications company, Consid, has been tasked with managing and developing the authority’s external website and intranet and the operation of the external website. The decisive factor in the procurement was that the supplier could meet the requirements for excellent competence in digital strategies in web-related matters and collaborate with Riksbanken and its communications agency to drive their digital presence in the best possible way.

Another essential factor that Riksbanken considered in selecting a supplier: is knowledge of website takeover, application management, digital strategy, and experience working with government agencies.

Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid
Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid

– Riksbanken was looking for a supplier who keeps up to date with news in web development and has excellent knowledge of Optimizely’s products and development plans. Two things that Consid places great emphasis on. It is, therefore, extra pleasing that this has been recognized, and we have been given this trust from Riksbanken, said Christian Lüddeckens, Digital Strategist at Consid.

Consid has worked with Optimizely (formerly Episerver) for almost 20 years and was among the first to build e-commerce on EpiCommerce. Today, Consid is prominent in Optimizely, where everyone on the team holds Epi Specialization certifications and, as a full-service partner, has relevant experience in all parts of the Epi platform. In addition, the IT and communications company works closely and continuously with Optimizely’s product team on the opportunities that come with new technologies.

The agreement with Riksbanken is valid for four years, with the possibility of extension for a maximum of three years if Riksbanken wishes. The volume is estimated at SEK 50,000,000.

– It feels great that the Swedish Riksbank has entrusted us to take full responsibility for their external website and intranet. Consid has significant experience and knowledge of the areas Riksbanken requested in a supplier, which contributed to us winning the agreement, said Emina Busatlija, Bid Manager at Consid.

Emina Busatlija, Bid Manager at Consid
Emina Busatlija, Bid Manager at Consid

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