Consid Wins Communication Procurement with the Agency for Youth and Civil Society Affairs

Consid has emerged as the Agency for Youth and Civil Society Affairs' new agency partner for creative communication services. The procurement contract spans two years with an option for extension for up to an additional two years.

Emma Fahlstedt, Consid Communication
Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid
Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid

– It’s incredibly motivating. MUCF is doing significant work concerning Sweden’s youth, a demographic that is always exciting to engage with communicatively. They also facilitate numerous organizations in society and serve a crucial role as knowledge disseminators. These are functions that, as a communication partner, we can further develop, stated Emma Fahlstedt, Business Developer and Strategic Project Manager at Consid Communication.

Established in 1994, the Agency for Youth and Civil Society Affairs (MUCF) operates to disseminate knowledge about the living conditions of young people and the prerequisites of civil society. Additionally, the agency allocates grants to community organizations, municipalities, and international collaborations.

– MUCF supports organizations that make a substantial positive impact on society. Working with MUCF now provides an opportunity to showcase the breadth of our communication offerings, added Emma Fahlstedt.

The procurement agreement between Consid Communication and MUCF is estimated to be worth approximately two million Swedish kronor per annum. Through its Communication division, Consid has bolstered its position as a communication player in recent years. In 2022, the company recorded the fourth-highest profit among communication agencies in the country and ranked fifth in terms of increased revenue from the previous year.

Consid boasts extensive prior experience in collaborating with public entities. In just the past year, the company secured contracts with several significant public institutions, including the Government Offices, MSB, and Swedish Radio.

– We hold specialized expertise in our digitalization efforts. Our publicly procured contracts with state, municipal, and regional entities hold great significance for us, primarily because it allows us to participate in Sweden’s transition. Demonstrating our communication offerings to the public sector through Consid Communication is an excellent way to showcase additional areas of expertise within the company, noted Peter Hellgren, Consid’s CEO and co-founder.

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