Consid Welcomes New Sales Manager to Jönköping Office – Tobias Molund

In March, Tobias Molund joined as the new Sales Manager at the Jönköping office. With extensive experience in sales and leadership across various industries, he is well-prepared for his new role at Consid. Tobias brings a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges of digitalization and looks forward to strengthening collaboration with both clients and colleagues.

In the picture, we see Tobias Molund, who is the sales manager in Jönköping
In the picture, we see Tobias Molund, who is the sales manager in Jönköping

At the beginning of March, Consid had the honor of welcoming Tobias Molund as the new Sales Manager in Jönköping. Early in his career, Tobias worked in sales and project management roles, representing PR agencies, signage, IT systems, and engineering firms. With previous experience in leadership, sales, and recruitment, he now joins the stage at Consid in Jönköping.

– I was drawn to Consid because the company had left a positive impression on me through meetings and digital channels. Two things that stood out to me were their view on individuals and the company. Important aspects for me are development and care, and I see these reflected in Consid’s values: entrepreneurship, commitment, and efficiency.

Variety has characterized Tobias’ previous career at companies such as Husqvarna AB, the National Board of Institutional Care, and his own company, Bonigi. At his previous workplaces, he encountered challenges and gained valuable insights and lessons. At Consid, he looks forward to continuing to grow, taking on new challenges, and forming new relationships.

– I am, of course, looking forward to being part of challenging ourselves to further develop our offerings and collaboration with our clients, but primarily, I must say I am looking forward to networking internally and getting to know my colleagues. The positive impression I had of Consid has only deepened and grown as I have gotten to know colleagues and the company more. I look forward to the rest of the journey.

Tobias is well aware of both the challenges and opportunities of digitalization’s advancement in the future. For 2024, he believes there will be some uncertainty in the market, leading companies to adapt to consumers with changing buying behavior.

– Consid currently offers many exciting opportunities. With the developments happening in everything from CX to AI, the digital journey will continue at a rapid pace, and I believe it is important that we see our customers as partners. A partnership where we collectively embark on the journey, and Consid becomes a holistic provider around the digital transformation with our entire offering.

Tobias takes his new role seriously and looks forward to building on Consid’s already strong brand for both clients and colleagues.

– A good result for me is to succeed in relationships and development. In this role, it applies to both our clients and internally. I believe collaboration is one of the most important keys to good results for the individual, the customer, and Consid.

He continues:

– My keys have always been based on care and a desire to grow. I hope we can bring this to our clients and ensure that we also have it internally. That we are passionate and care about what we work with. That we challenge and are challenged. That we constantly strive to improve, with and for our customers and for ourselves.

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