Consid Unveils New Office in the Heart of Umeå

Consid's expansion in northern Sweden entered a new phase in the spring of 2023 with the establishment of an office in Umeå. Just under a year later, the company has moved from its temporary premises to occupy 240 square meters in the heart of central Umeå.

The region of Norra Norrland was crowned "Region of the Year" at Considgalan 2023.
The region of Norra Norrland was crowned "Region of the Year" at Considgalan 2023.
Open lounge room with comfortable chairs at Consid in Umeå.
The office has a beautiful lounge.

– It’s fantastic for us; we are growing to the extent that we needed something of our own. It’s a magnificent space with plenty of room to continue expanding in Umeå, says Helene Elfving, Regional Manager for Northern Norrland.

The move to the old Swedbank building took place last week. Similar to the other 42 Consid offices, no expense was spared. The office space in the turn-of-the-century building has undergone a Consid transformation, led by Sofia Nilsson, Facility Manager.

– Consid has a clear strategy regarding offices. It should feel more like a living room than a regular office; you should look forward to the office—rather than having to go there. Our investment in offices has proven to be a strength after the pandemic, with our colleagues choosing to come in instead of working from home, says Sofia Nilsson.

Just under a year after Consid opened up the Umeå expansion, Helene Elfving expects twelve employees with an additional three on the way. The Northern Norrland region, which includes the Umeå office, was awarded Region of the Year at the Consid Gala last fall.

There is a favorable wind in Helene Elfving’s sails.

– Northern Sweden is a hub for the future. There is a lot of exciting development happening in many places. Through our presence in Luleå and Umeå, we become a natural part of Norrland’s journey into digitalization. We notice a great interest in our offerings from clients. This, combined with the new office, gives us a significant boost into 2024, says the Regional Manager.

The new Umeå office, spanning 240 square meters, provides Consid with much-needed space, fitting perfectly into the office’s expansive phase.

– We have access to office rooms accommodating up to four people each, perfect for project groups, a larger conference room, a meeting room, a kitchen, and a very cozy lounge with a tiled stove. We already feel at home!

Chauqeline Bredberg, Consid Umeå

Chauqline Bredberg on Consid in Umeå: "Region of the Year at Sweden's Best Employer"

Chauqline Bredberg, HR and Recruitment at Consid in Umeå, discusses Consid's strong team spirit and the opening of their new office. She highlights notable achievements include winning "Region of the Year" at the Consid Gala and being recognized as Sweden's Best Employer in 2023.
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