Consid Shines at Go Global Award 2023: Leading Global Tech Company Discusses Innovation and Growth

Consid takes the stage as one of the prominent participants at the Go Global Award 2023. The event aims to bring together leading companies from around the world to discuss critical future issues. Consid has been chosen as one of the most significant players in the global technology industry and gave a lecture yesterday on the company's growth and innovative approaches.

Anna Edstedt
Anna Edstedt

“Consideration was given to both our corporate culture and how we bring together expertise in over 60 areas under one roof. Several other companies have shown great interest in our approach and how we combine experience in long-term strategies with innovative thinking, which is very exciting,” says Anna Edstedt, Consid’s representative in Rhode Island, USA.

The Go Global Awards is a global platform aimed at bringing some of the world’s leading companies to the same geographical location to facilitate knowledge exchange, new encounters, and business opportunities. The event is organized by the International Trade Council, this year in collaboration with the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation.

Consid chose to focus on one of the most talked-about topics at this year’s Go Global Awards: Cybersecurity in the rapidly changing digital world, during their 20-minute pitch. They highlighted the importance of thinking innovatively and understanding cybersecurity deeply, with examples from their collaboration with Ukrainian Cyber Unit Technologies. Additionally, Consid presented their sustainability strategy and some key factors in creating a corporate culture that prioritizes employee development.

“It has been very rewarding to share how we work on a secure, sustainable, and long-term digital transformation with our clients. The goal has been to demonstrate that with the right knowledge and tools, sustainability and a rewarding corporate culture are not at odds with profitability and growth. On the contrary, they are something that drives progress forward,” says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

Consid is awarded in the international innovation event Go Global Award

In this year's edition of the "Go Global Award,” the IT and communications company Consid is awarded for the company's demonstrated innovation and resilience in challenging times.
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