Consid sets sales records: “November marks our best month ever.”

Consid achieves its best sales month in the company's history. Despite a challenging market for the entire IT industry, Consid reports an increased sales of 35 percent in November compared to the previous month, continuing to break new ground in an ongoing tough competition.

Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid
Peter Hellgren, vd på Consid
Portrait of Carl Hagberg, Sales Director at Consid.

– After a tough spring for the entire industry, we are incredibly proud to report Consid’s historically best sales month ever. The uncertainty due to inflation and interest rate hikes has been an understandable obstacle, but despite this, we have remained steadfast in the face of adversity. I am incredibly proud of what Consid has accomplished, and now we welcome the last month of 2023 as we move into the record-setting year of 2024, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

2023 has been a challenging year for many. High inflation and rising interest rates have posed a challenge for households and businesses alike. The Central Bank of Sweden, Riksbanken, adjustments to the policy rate are an attempt to manage these challenges but have already affected loan costs and investments. Despite this, Consid reports strong revenue growth for the third quarter of 2023, with a nearly 17 percent increase, totaling 524 MSEK. At the end of November, it is also clear that November becomes the company’s best sales month ever.

– Consid achieves a 35 percent better sales month in November than the previous one, and this not only becomes our best month this year but our best sales month ever. Of course it feels incredible, and I am very proud of our sales team at Consid who made this possible even in times when the competition in the market is enormous, says Carl Hagberg, National Sales Manager for Consid in Sweden.

According to the National Institute of Economic Research, Konjunkturinstitutet, there is likely to be a gradual improvement in the economy from the second half of 2024, but it will take until 2026 for the Swedish economy to be in “cyclical balance.” However, for Consid, the delayed economic turnaround does not seem to have much impact.

– Looking at the pipeline of inquiries, as well as the activity we have going forward, we see an increase rather than a maintenance of the excellent results we have already achieved. We have much more to offer our many customers before it’s time for Christmas, and I am very optimistic about the time ahead, says Carl Hagberg.

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