Consid on Swedish Radio about personnel in military positions

In the Ekot interview on Swedish Radio, Peter Hellgren discusses the trend of companies with critical societal functions placing their personnel in military positions.

The Swedish Agency for Mandatory Military Service and Recruitment reports that since Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, an increasing number of private companies have adopted this strategy. Initially, this was limited to businesses supplying the Armed Forces, but Johan Sjöberg of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise suggests that transportation, energy, telecom, and food companies may also be considering it in the future. Military placement is a voluntary precautionary measure to ensure that operations can continue in times of heightened readiness.

In the report, Peter Hellgren elaborates on Consid’s planning for such scenarios and notes that the company’s customers are showing interest in preparedness and military placement.

“We will collaborate to establish the best conditions for managing external threats,” he affirms.

Click here to listen to the report!

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