Consid launches crisis website for enhanced protection against cyberattacks in Sweden

In recent years, Sweden has become one of the countries in the world most targeted by cyberattacks. As the threat landscape has increased, the need for protection has grown. Developed to handle large traffic volumes, Consid is now launching a new fallback feature in the form of a crisis website.

Robert Bramstedt.
Josef Tingbratt

– Simply put, it’s a backup site for when the main website is not functioning, down, or otherwise unusable. You can think of it as a safety net, says Josef Tingbratt, project manager at Consid.

The demand for the fallback function that the crisis website offers has increased significantly in the last two years. At Consid in Ljungby, the need was observed among customers, leading to the development of the service.

– We noticed that more and more people were asking for a secure backup solution and started sketching it out. Technically, everything is based on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution with a cloud service. This allows it to handle heavy traffic loads and be less susceptible to hacker attacks, explains Josef Tingbratt.

– Since it can handle high traffic loads, it’s very suitable for crisis management. Suppose there’s a major societal event that needs to be communicated by an authority, and the regular website can’t handle the load. In that case, you simply redirect the domain to the more robust crisis website, says Robert Bramstedt, who has worked on the project.

The crisis website can also be used in other ways besides just being a replacement page:

– Replacing during special occasions is one function; the other major use is during cyberattacks. If a website is subjected to a denial-of-service attack that crashes the site, you just switch to the crisis website instead.

The fallback concept has been requested by both private and public customers and can now be rolled out. The entire product has been developed at Consid.

– This means that the end customer doesn’t need to worry about performing updates, tests, and everything like that. We’ve built and maintain the site. The pages are standardized but built in a way that they can be customized according to the customer’s visual identity and the information they want to convey, says Robert Bramstedt.

Curious about how it works? Find a demo here

Cyber Unit Technologies in partnership with Consid

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