Consid has two of Sweden’s most attractive offices

During the "Stora Kontorsdagen" seminar, "Sweden's most attractive office" is annually chosen. Among this year's nominees, there are not just one but two of Consid's offices. These include the beautiful 450-square-meter grand apartment located in the heart of Kristianstad and Consid's headquarters in Jönköping.

Escalator at Consid's head office in Jönköping.
Escalator at Consid's head office in Jönköping.

– I love decorating the Consid offices. I aim to create a timeless meeting place where people feel at home and want to linger. Each property has a unique history and its own energy. The most essential task is to sense and feel, and then create a space for interaction. It is thanks to the support of excellent property owners and dedicated colleagues that we repeatedly manage to create fantastic meeting places and offices throughout the Nordic region, says Sofia Nilsson, Interior and Facility Manager at Consid.

Outside the beautiful 450-square-meter grand apartment located in the heart of Kristianstad, specifically at Lilla Torg, Consid’s flag flies from the flagpole on the facade. The office is among the nominees for the “Office of the Year” award.

The building carries a long history and has housed many businesses. The former hair salon on the corner is now Consid’s welcoming lounge, always ready for festivities. Inside the office, you can look down into the former basement through a floor window, which dates back to when Skånska Banken occupied the building in 1905. Every square meter has been utilized with care, leaving nothing to chance. The result is an office where a destination and meeting place have been created based on our human needs for creating, socializing, relaxing, and focusing.

– We are very proud that our office in Kristianstad is recognized with this nomination. It’s easy to feel comfortable in our spaces at Consid in Kristianstad. The atmosphere is more like being at someone’s home, where people want to gather, rather than being in a workplace. When people feel comfortable, the work environment improves, and the joy of work is greater, says Roger Olofsson, office manager at Consid in Kristianstad.

The winner of Sweden’s “Office of the Year” is announced during the annual seminar “Stora Kontorsdagen.” The competition is organized by lokalnytt.se, Sweden’s leading marketplace for available office spaces, Fastighetssverige, and Nordic Property News, the first English-language news site in the Nordic real estate market. The purpose of the competition is to showcase the abundance of beautiful, sustainable, and smart offices in our country.

The competition is decided through an open vote where anyone can vote for the nominated offices during a specific period. Ten finalists are selected in this manner.

Apart from Consid’s office in Kristianstad, Consid’s office in Jönköping is also among this year’s nominees.

When Consid moved into the space by Munksjön’s shore in 2017, the goal was to one day take over the extensive balcony that wraps around the facade facing the water. Last spring, the dream came true when Consid’s office expanded by about 400 square meters. In the new section, in addition to an incredible balcony, there is Consid’s very own podcast studio and several function-based Teams rooms.

– Times change, and so do our needs in the office. For Consid, it’s partly about the increased need for more small meeting rooms. We now engage in more and longer Teams meetings than we did in the past, which places greater demands on the space’s adaptation, including lighting, ergonomic furnishings, and technology, all of which have been taken into account in the design of the new office spaces, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

The fundamental philosophy behind Consid’s interior design has been to make the office an attractive destination for both employees and customers. Sustainability is also central to the office’s design. The office should be furnished timelessly. A distinctive feature of Consid’s offices is the dark wooden floors as a solid base and a light warm gray tone on the walls. There is an abundance of textiles, especially curtains that provide softness, framing, and sound absorption. Large soft oriental rugs lend a sense of timelessness to the entire environment, along with the Sarafatti chandelier from 1956.

– By creating a classic environment, a sustainable one is also created that doesn’t feel outdated but can be built upon as the offices grow and expand with more square meters, as in Jönköping, for example, says Sofia Nilsson, Interior and Facility Manager at Consid.

Vote for Consid’s office in Jönköping.

Vote for Consid’s office in Kristianstad.

Lounge at Consid's head office in Jönköping.
Lounge at Consid's head office in Jönköping.

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